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This Music Meme Was Too Perfect
1. Put Your iTunes, Windows Media Player etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name
How would you describe yourself?
 (NF) Dreams
What do you like in a guy/girl?
 La Vie En Rose
How do you feel today?
 (NF) 10 Feet Down
What is life's purpose?
 (NF) Lost In The Moment
What is your motto?
 (NF) My Life
What do your friends think of you?
 (Logic) Like Me
What do you think of your parents?
 (Eminem) Asshole
What do you think about very often?
(Logic) Rapman
What do you think of your best friend?
(Tech N9ne) - Fragile 
What do you think of the person you like?
(Logic) Growing Pains
What is your life story?
(Eminem) Rock Bottom
What do you want to be when you grow up?
(Logic) Ballin
What do you think of when you see the person you like?
(Logic) Under Pressure
What wil
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Jason X Icon by FallingFeathers624 Jason X Icon :iconfallingfeathers624:FallingFeathers624 5 4 Darkfire Icon (commission) by FallingFeathers624 Darkfire Icon (commission) :iconfallingfeathers624:FallingFeathers624 5 1
Person: It says homosexuality is wrong in the Bible, so we shouldn't support gay marriage!

Well for one, that particular bible verse in it's original form was actually referring to pedophilia. The original line was "a man shall not lie with a boy". Because "boy" in the Bible's original form was similar to the english word for "man," or "male".
But for the sake of argument, let's just say the line "a man shall not lie with another man" WAS the original translation. Why don't we listen to the other rules in the Bible? What about the part right after that where it talks about how many animals you need to sacrifice to God each day? What about the part that says you can't eat pork or shellfish?:
Leviticus 11:7-8: And the swine, though it has a divided hoof, does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you. You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you.
Leviticus 10-11: And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of
:iconmapletoffee:mapletoffee 15 0
(Commission) clear skies by FallingFeathers624 (Commission) clear skies :iconfallingfeathers624:FallingFeathers624 5 1 (Commission) Hikari and Darkfire by FallingFeathers624 (Commission) Hikari and Darkfire :iconfallingfeathers624:FallingFeathers624 4 1 You're Always Going To Be My Little Princess~ by FiveMangle You're Always Going To Be My Little Princess~ :iconfivemangle:FiveMangle 11 47
Tagged by :iconstealthydarkness:
Only gonna do questions because heck it:
[x] you listen to John Cooper (no looking him up)    Yes, I do, he's Skillet's singer and bassist
[ ] you've played video games for over a day non-stop...   (Not really, as a child I might've been obsessed, but it didn't last further than a day)
[x] You could sing the entire theme song for your favorite game (It has no lyrics though)
[???] You have a crush on someone from another country (It has happened, yeah, just not sure if I still do though o,o)
[ ] You whatch Sean McLoughlin (and his pet Sam!) (Who)
[x] You know the difference between An NES and a Famicom (America and Japan, nuff said)
[ ] You understand C++ (Nah)
[x] You grew up playing Megaman (Yes and I've beaten the entire classic saga in regular difficulty including Megaman & Bass and all playable characters in Megaman 10)
[x] You would do anything for your Significant other (if you have one... your crush of you don't) (Well I m
:icondragonblast71:DragonBlast71 5 13
~Sure Thing, Merls [Request]~ by FiveMangle ~Sure Thing, Merls [Request]~ :iconfivemangle:FiveMangle 6 24 ~ Jasline ~ by FiveMangle ~ Jasline ~ :iconfivemangle:FiveMangle 7 2 ] Jason X [ by FiveMangle ] Jason X [ :iconfivemangle:FiveMangle 5 4 Horoscope series .:Aries:. by sakimichan Horoscope series .:Aries:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 29,528 861 Lyra by ChibiAsh07 Lyra :iconchibiash07:ChibiAsh07 29 12
Death Battle - Anakin Skywalker vs Neo - Pre-Fight
Johnny Zealous: "In fictional narrative, there's nothing more overused than the "prophesied messiah" archetype."
Lucas Zaboot: "Or as TV Tropes refers to it: 'The Chosen One,' yet when it comes to two of the biggest science-fiction franchises of all time, we got stiff wooden boards for messiahs…sigh*"
Johnny Zealous: "Anakin Skywalker, the Hero of the Clone Wars and prophesied to destroy the Sith."
Lucas Zaboot: "And Neo, the Hero of Humanity and prophesied to end the war with the machines."
Johnny Zealous: "Their abilities are great and their accomplishments are many."
Lucas Zaboot: "But there's only room for one wooden block that can save us all."
Johnny Zealous: "And tonight in the Death Battle booth, please welcome well-respected Death Battle host, the man who makes insanity respectable; MadnessAbe."
MadnessAbe: "Glad to be here gents. We're not gonna have a repeat of last time…"
Lucas Zaboot: "Heh, not this time." (pulls out a shotgun)
Johnny Zealous: "er- ahem* we're
:iconvolts48:Volts48 24 20
Happy Birthday!
Indigo-orb I know words aren't enough, but whenever you're going to read this, maybe later or tomorrow morning, I want you to know, I'll always be here. Maybe not at the very moment, but in your heart, I'll never leave. I'm going to stay there forever, just the way I know you'll stay, and no matter what happens, I'll always love you.
Today's a special day
That I want to always remember
And maybe that I'm at miles away
But they can't stop me
From thinking about you
I can't express in words
How amazing you are
And I don't know how
I fell under your spell
But I can tell
That your charming heart
Kind soul
And luscious mind
Have something different
Something apart
From others
I love you
Always and forever
No matter where are we
By heart, we're tied together
Indigo-orb Remember that you'll always have somebody by your side. Happy birthday, my love!
:iconfivemangle:FiveMangle 2 14
Meeeh by FiveMangle Meeeh :iconfivemangle:FiveMangle 13 38


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Welcome to my Page!

My birthday badge

Song Quote of the Day (as of 24.2.18):
Never walk away from a fight thats worth fighting
Never hesitate when you know you're gonna act
Never waste your words on a fool who won't listen
Never sell your soul cause your never buy it back .
--No More Words by Endeverafter

(i wont update this every day, but still...


Rated R Superstar Stamp by laprasking CM Punk Stamp 3 by laprasking Skillet Stamp by TheSaladMan Metallica by nostu
The Matrix Stamp by JourneytoRevenge Destiny Stamp by sheiku92 JSE Fan Stamp by RedRavie Warning: Aries by Nana-Beats
Brave Frontier Stamp by iJemz

:thumb259169184::thumb258338802::thumb258346988: Mythbusters, Adam Savage Quote by orian-stamps

VanossGaming Stamp by CitySpacer

These are people i have chosen to be my Family. They are very close to me. Mess with them, and I get involved. NOBOBY messes with my family and gets away with it.

My Special One!!!!

:iconasylumkiller: AsylumKiller
She is mine. She is my life, my love, my everything. Nobody else can have her. I love everything about her, and i will be there for her, from her greatest achievement to her lowest, most depressed point, i will be there for her no matter what. And yes, she isn't on DA very much (so i dont know if she will respond to notes and comments)

"They became King and Queen, and God help anyone who disrespected his Queen"

My other special Squishy!!!

:iconfivemangler: FiveMangler

Things didn't work out like i originally wanted them to, but i am ok with that now... I will still get to spend the rest of my life with her, but at this moment, it's with her dating my half-brother. That doesn't mean i love her any less than i did. i still love her just as much as i did...

Other Family!
:iconirongear8899:irongear8899: He's my brother. so yeah...don't mess with him.





My OCs!!!

Logo Design by Jason X  by FiveMangle Jason X Icon by FallingFeathers624
(Co-owned with FiveMangler)

Logo Design by Darkfire ref and bio by StealthyDarkness Darkfire Icon (commission) by FallingFeathers624
(Co-Owned with FallingFeathers624)

Now, for those of you who read this far, congratulations. Yes, i may seem defensive, aggressive, or even immature to some people, but i can be very mature and understanding. if you have a problem with a "family" member of mine, come talk to me about it, and i will, in turn, talk to them and try and get that issue resolved peacefully. failure to comply will result in arousing my anger. please take the easy route and act mature.

Now, since this is classified Material, im gonna need you to look at the little red light... Memory Eraser by RoseOfTheNight4444


Ever have that feeling when you're too afraid to fall asleep? Yeah. Me too.
That moment when depression hits you hard... it hurts.

Like, legitimately, the only reason i still keep going is because it's who i am. Im so depressed i even lost the will to play video games... and I've never had that before...

i realize most people have had depression, but it being this intense is a first for me...

(I doubt anyone will see this... i haven't been on as much...)
So... my phone rang while i was at work today (i work in the back for a local store), my ringtone is Megalovania.

As we were unpacking costumes (the store starts stocking costumes 30ish days early), my phone rings.  As soon as I silence my phone, someone opens the box and a skeleton display falls to the floor.  One of the guys i work with simply looked down and said, "Sans was never the same after the October 3rd I'm incident."

We were cracking up until we clocked out.
Hey... anyone still on here?

Sorry, lots happening in my life, but stuff has stabilized and i should be semi-regular again... i missed talking to some of you peoples.
Well, im back. I dropped off for a while, but I'm back.. mostly, anyway



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