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So, you may have seen wig detanglers sold in real wig shops and online. Sure, they work on cosplay wigs as well, but shipping can also be a monster for your 1-item order. Or maybe you are at an event and your long wig is now a tangled mess. You retreat to your hotel room to try and salvage your wig, but what can you do?!

Here is a cheap and easy way to make your own wig detangler. An old beauty trick to calm fly-aways and detangle knotted hair is using lotion. This is one of those "if it works for real hair, it works on plastic hair" moments, so soak it in. These moments do not come often.

The tut is pretty straight forward, please check out my thoughts (below the materials box) if you have custom dyed your wig. Otherwise, have a field day. The solution not only detangles your wig but it helps keep new knots and tangles from forming, rather like using silicone spray sans strong chemical odors. My wigs all smell like Lucky 7 perfume now, lol. You also can't really "ruin" a wig doing this. If your wig feels greasy, have too much lotion on the fibers. Wash it out and either add more water to your current solution or do not apply as much to the wig.

EDIT: This does work on curly wigs too! See Tifaia's comment.

Questions/comments/suggestions always welcome. Thanks bros!
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