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The Slightly Manry-ier Makeup Tutorial

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EDITS: So many ESL moments, I can't English maaan. Edited for coherence and spelling! Sorry!

First off, I want to apologize for varying quality of photos. I had no idea where my big tripod was so I used my tabletop one which was only able to reach high enough to shoot mirror photos hence the weird ghosting effect. There are not 2 of me, I promise. If there were, the world would implode, surely.

A new derpy tutorial for you guys!
Sorry about the gigantic file size. It had to be that big so the text was still legible.

I created this bare-bones tutorial for the folks interested in basic contouring to enhance their crossplays. As I did not get crazydramatic with the makeup, in its present state it works well for crossplaying natural-looking bishounen/prettyboy types. My goal here was to visually go from Asian female to Asian male as it would take a lot more makeup, some prosthetics, etc. to appear as a male from another race [it would be hella difficult to look as manry as someone like Harrison Ford etc.]

Using the same techniques and more makeup/tools etc. one could push the envelope farther and discover even more looks. For basic crossplay makeup to look natural, you generally want to use brown makeup where possible over black which can be dramatic and obvious.

A note about bronzer/highlighter Often these contain shimmer or sparkles. Some do not and highlighter can certainly be used to bring out certain features. As far as I know, there are only 2 men who are allowed to sparkle with awesomeness and they are Bowie and Mercury. Unless you are cosplaying them or perhaps a sparkling vampire, steer clear of sparkles/shimmers.

A note about supplies Tailor the stuff you use to your needs! Pick a moisturizer and foundation that suit your skin-type and complexion. While using primers is not necessary, I find that they do help so if you are going to spend all day wandering around an event/convention, it gives the makeup extra staying power.

In terms of brushes to use, I consider them an investment. ELF's $1 brush line is pretty decent, but I am glad I bought the Ecotools set a while back. They are affordable but very nice. Some of the brushes that come with stuff you buy are nice e.g. my Bare Minerals brush seen in the tutorial that came with the Starter Kit, others are junky so be choosy because you will get better results with better brushes.

Feel free to ask question/leave feedback
Do go out and have fun with it. Don't be a jerk, no one likes them. :)

Edit: Got a question concerning my glasses/where I got them.
Well, they are my legit prescription glasses which I purchased at my optometrist's office. If you are looking for cheap glasses for cosplay that can come with prescription if needed, Zenni Optical is a place many people shop at.
UPDATE: I ordered my Harry Potter glasses from them and they were able to make them in my insane prescription. Production and shipping took like 2 weeks so if you order, give yourself a month total for them to arrive. I was very pleased with the glasses I ordered though!

Edit 2: Got a hilarious question off DA concerning my eyebrows asking what happened to them. LOL the answer is "absolutely nothing". I haven't over-plucked them or shaved them. They are naturally sparse and thin and don't show up well in photos without enhancement. I'm saving the whole "shave off eyebrows only to draw them back in" routine for when I get into my 40's since that's apparently what many middle-aged Asian women do heheh kidding.

"Do the right thing... Be a man" - Russell Peters
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First of all, thank you for this fabulous tutorial! :D It looks super helpful! I'm definitely going to try this when I crossplay sometime. >u< 

Secondly, I have the exact opposite problem of Gleezerktwilii. xD My eyes are really really narrow (like so narrow they kill my vision) and too far apart for almost any sort of cosplay due to weird genetic things. :'D (spacing wise, there's enough space for 1.5 eyes between my eyes rather than space for 1 eye like there normally is. :/ ) All the tricks I've read for making your eyes look larger/closer together seem to only work for female makeup or people with double eyelids (which I don't have oops. My eyelids actually don't fold back at all...). I don't wear makeup, so I could just be overlooking a common technique, but is there anything you'd suggest for making my eyes look larger and closer together without making them look feminine or really makeup covered? ;w; 
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Without a photo reference it's a little difficult to give specific advice but typically for wide-set eyes you would apply a dark eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes. Since this is for crossplay, you can get away with a medium brown shade you'd use for contouring other parts of your face. This can easily be blended in with nose contouring. Here too, you will probably want to fill in and thicken your eyebrows and lessen the arch if yours are really arched. 

To open your eyes up, you can use a peachy colored eyeliner on the waterline to make the whites appear bigger, but without being as "feminine" as using a white eyeliner pencil. Practice using brown eyeliner to contour your eyes and make them also look more open. 
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Thank you so much for the advice! ;A; I'm a bit a a noob with all this make up stuff unfortunately... :'D
//throws super awkward photo ref at you ;w;

My eyes have really round inner corners, and every time I try lengthening them with eyeshadow it ends up looking odd. I've never tried it while contouring though, so that might be different. Then again, it could just be that I'm not doing the makeup right. xD //tutorial time~ o3o// I'll definitely try out the eyeliner thing though! Would I put a darker eyeliner under the peachy one or just leave it as is? 
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For the eyeliner, I think you would want to have darker eyeliner under the peachy one. You don't have to completely outline your eyes, but you want to at least give definition and a definite shape to your look. 

As you experiment, it's helpful to snap a few selfies so you can either get feedback from a trusted friend or to use for your own review. 
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Okay, awesome! Thank you very much for all your advice~ >u< I'm definitely going to try it out. :D
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You're most welcome. Good luck!
Also, if you have a bad day, save your particularly hilarious/bad selfies for a good laugh. 
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Bwahahaha~ xD that's a fantastic idea. owob Usually I just get super super self conscious though oops.
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Ok I have a question! If I have the inverse problem? I wan't to cosplay as a male haracter but my eyes are too big. How do I do in that case? Thanks! Awesome tutorial! (This is me:… see? I really have a problem with that! For cosplaying male characters)
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Having big eyes is okay, you just will want to avoid using say, white eyeliner which will make them appear even bigger and wider (more doe-eyed). By thickening your eyebrows and adding shading around your face, you will draw some attention away from your eyes. Likewise, if your lips are naturally red, blot out some of the color with a nude lip primer. It's hard to tell in that pic, but if you have naturally long, curly, lashes, you may want to neutralize them with "blonde" mascara. Basically you have to untrain yourself from doing what you normally would do for "pretty girl" makeup that many females are familiar with.

It's definitely a process of tweaking here and there so whatever you try, be sure to snap some photos so and take notes so you can compare what you liked and didn't like or what you need to change.
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Thank you so much!! I'll do what you say, you're right!

I really get frustrated with my eyes for crossplaying!

Thanks again :D
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Awesome tutorial
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Waaa, that' s sooo useful! *-*
I' ll try it!
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Thank you and good luck in your future endeavor! :D
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This is brilliant. There aren't enough tutes that do it without having to slap on fake stubble.
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Thank you very much for the :+fav: and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you find the tutorial useful :)
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No sweat :) I might just post up my results later (if I feel I look manry enough) and link back here :)
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this comes in handy bigtime for me since i like cosplaying as a guy
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WOW. This is awesome.
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WOW it is very cool! Thans so much!
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So glad you found it helpful!
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thank you so much!
Stealthos-Aurion's avatar
Glad you found this useful!
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thanks, this is very helpful
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I new the general idea but I usually need visual aid. Thanks for making this. It helps a lot.
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