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RoTG TUTORIAL: Separating Staff for Jack Frost v4

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Hookay, after several requests this week alone, I decided to stop being lazy and actually make the tutorial that was to accompany my quick tip sheet about making separating staffs so you can fit them in your car or break them down to carry easily in crowded spaces, because huge props suck to travel with, really. 

You also want to be able to bring your awesome prop into the con space. While I certainly have not been to every con ever, the most common prop "height limit" I have seen is 6'2" or approximately 183cm. That's not that tall, there are dudes walking around who are taller than 6'2", just saying. Whether your con/event actually cares and checks is another thing, so scale accordingly. I always figure it's best to play it safe so that you give con staff, some of whom may be Grumpy McGrumpypants or power-trippers, no reason to heckle you whatsoever.

Here's a tutorial showing how I actually made the staff and finished it so it was more than pieces of boring PVC pipe. If you have any questions, please ask. If you see crappy grammar or spelling, send a note. ESL moments, man. They happen so often when I type tutorials.

Also, #thuglyfe.

Edits: 4th one so far because I cannot English or didn't give clear directions. 

Tutorial backgrounds, photos, and tutorial created by me, Ion/ Stealthos Aurion
Jack Frost "reference image" © Dreamworks (Wallpaper from the official website)
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You're a genius! I love you! Thanks so much for this, I was struggling after I made my first staff and it wasn't detachable. This is perfect. I'm gonna get the materials soon and remake it! :D
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Hi! I was wondering if you had any ideas what angles all the pieces are? :) I really want to make myself a staff like yours, but I'm not really good with "improvising" angles.. So if you had the exact angles for all parts, it would really help me aha :P Thank you! And your staff looks amazing by the way :) 
Stealthos-Aurion's avatar
They are 45 degree fittings and your local home improvement store should have them in a giant bin marked as such. The only place that needed modification was the upper front piece which I kind of scorched with my heat gun (see step 4 photo of everything assembled). That upper front piece needs a little bending with heat because 45 degrees isn't quite right but it was the closest one available. Hope this helps!
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i am trying this for sure in a scythe build. i will be making two separating areas but because of how my designs are they shouldn't show that well. Thanks for sharing.
Stealthos-Aurion's avatar
3 pieces? Sounds like a fantastic plan for ultimate portability. Good luck on your prop :D
keykaye's avatar
Well its a scythe thats a little over 6ft, and i need to fit it in the car easily. Hoping it goes well its my first build.
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Hi, this staff tutorial is amazing. Just wondering, how did you create the "nub" part in the staff, as the pipes were smooth in Step 4? Did you papier-mâché it?
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Hello, you guessed correctly, it's made from a bit of extra paper maché.
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Did you bend your pipe at all because I'm currently making mine and I used 45 degree elbows but the tip isnt bending downward.
Stealthos-Aurion's avatar
Oops, I forgot to mention that since I wrote up the tutorial a bit after making the prop itself.

Yes, I used my heat gun a little bit on the last part to get a shape I preferred. You can kind of see in the images where I got distracted and left the heat gun pointing in one spot too long [brown melty parts] lol.
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k thanks. I figured that was the only was you could have made it the right angle lol. My friend was all "Maybe they got custom angled elbows."
AstroFlash's avatar
What angles are the pvc pipe elbows?
Stealthos-Aurion's avatar
I didn't even look at the measurements when I got them but I am pretty sure these are 45 degrees.
Flashlighted's avatar
I was just wondering what diameter of PVC pipe you used? I'm planning on going out to buy it soon and was just wondering what you used.
Stealthos-Aurion's avatar
I used 1" only because it's what I found around my house. You could safely go up a smidge in diameter if it's more comfortable to you.
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Alright, thanks so much!
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Thank you so much. :)
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Nice! My friend and I are planning to make a separating staff so will take a look at this. I've only had experience with one staff and I used a very long screw and placed it into the PVC pipe (stuffed the hollow pipe with tissue to prevent the screw form moving).
Stealthos-Aurion's avatar
Nice! The method you previously used works just as well too! It all depends on the materials you are using and the weight. The compression fitting method I used for my staff here worked because the pieces of PVC were pretty light. As the pipe was pretty rigid, I did not bother filling the pipe with anything, but I believe many people fill their pipe pieces with expanding foam to add some rigidity. Regardless, good luck with your project!
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(in reply to your reply) true, true, and i think it was a very good idea to put out a tutorial that emphasized the importance of proper scale. there are waaaaay to many people out there who make their staffs too big. ;) also: i apologise if my message came off as mean, i seriously didn't mean for it to! (so sorry!)
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Hahaha. Thanks so much. Your awesome ^___^
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Interesting, I need to make a scythe, this would make it alot easier to transport.
Stealthos-Aurion's avatar
Ooh, yes definitely make it separating if you can. Big props are really cool... until you have to pack them or carry them through small spaces. Especially if you carpool with others - the smaller and more compact you can make your props, the less likely they are to get damaged by other people's luggage too. I would think you could make the shaft in 2 pieces and make the blade itself detach for easy transportation.
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