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RoTG TUTORIAL: Separating Staff for Jack Frost v4



Hookay, after several requests this week alone, I decided to stop being lazy and actually make the tutorial that was to accompany my quick tip sheet about making separating staffs so you can fit them in your car or break them down to carry easily in crowded spaces, because huge props suck to travel with, really. 

You also want to be able to bring your awesome prop into the con space. While I certainly have not been to every con ever, the most common prop "height limit" I have seen is 6'2" or approximately 183cm. That's not that tall, there are dudes walking around who are taller than 6'2", just saying. Whether your con/event actually cares and checks is another thing, so scale accordingly. I always figure it's best to play it safe so that you give con staff, some of whom may be Grumpy McGrumpypants or power-trippers, no reason to heckle you whatsoever.

Here's a tutorial showing how I actually made the staff and finished it so it was more than pieces of boring PVC pipe. If you have any questions, please ask. If you see crappy grammar or spelling, send a note. ESL moments, man. They happen so often when I type tutorials.

Also, #thuglyfe.

Edits: 4th one so far because I cannot English or didn't give clear directions. 

Tutorial backgrounds, photos, and tutorial created by me, Ion/ Stealthos Aurion
Jack Frost "reference image" © Dreamworks (Wallpaper from the official website)
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You're a genius! I love you! Thanks so much for this, I was struggling after I made my first staff and it wasn't detachable. This is perfect. I'm gonna get the materials soon and remake it! :D