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Frozen: Elsa Makeup Tutorial - plain girl's guide



If you want to cosplay Elsa but are not much of a regular makeup user or maybe you're brand new to it, this guide is for you! I don't wear much makeup outside of cosplay and often cosplay as male characters which requires a different skill set and much less makeup so this was a challenge for me too! I decided to share what I did, step by step, so as to help others and perhaps dispel some of the uncertainty and intimidation that putting a ton of makeup on your face can cause. I by no means claim to be a makeup expert or pro. It took me 6 tests to get to this point but it's a learning process for everyone. Hopefully you can skip a few tests of your own and use this tutorial as a guide for customizing your own Elsa makeup! 

Disclaimer: If you are a self-proclaimed makeup artist/guru/have your own Youtube channel/blog etc. this is going to be incredibly boring and basic as this tutorial was not written for those of you who have a ton of experience. Keep that in mind if you decide to read along. 


Notes: As I state throughout, it is merely a guide. By all means, use products you already own or want to try. Makeup is about getting ideas and tailoring them to your needs. I have super dry sensitive skin which affects what products I choose. If you have oily or combo skin, you might need to pick different brands that work for you and that is perfectly fine! 

For example: I used my Urban Decay Glinda palette for most of my eyeshadows - that does not mean you have to go out and buy one. You just want to have similar colors if you want the effect that I got. I could have done this tutorial using a different eyeshadow palette too.

With exception of the Missha and Urban Decay products and the eyelash applicator tool, I purchased everything else that I used in store at Ulta, where you can use coupons and get things affordably. If you are really limited in terms of places you can shop, you could build a decent kit for Elsa from mid-tier drugstore products and above. What I mean by mid-tier and above is, aim higher than makeup you'd buy for a child to play dress up in. Primers can only improve product performance so much so keep this in mind. 

Questions etc.? Let me know.

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