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T-72-T-21 Shilden Leclerc

Yay... another commission ..after years since my last commission.

Done in Blender 2.74.

T-72-T-21. Commisioned by Korva or Hydraulicoilman in DA. oh and Credit to BrotherMechanic of Blendswap for the T-72 hull. Well it's originally T-90 but i make some changes so it can be a T-72. Can't really change the tracks and roadwheels.. Already very decent.

T-72-T-21 was an upgrade program initiated by Slovakian firm "Konstrukta" and French GIAT (Now Nexter) Industry To upgrade T-72 tank. Mainly T-72M1 which a common tank in ex-Warpac Eastern European countries.  Apparently this upgrade is a "rival" to "Moderna" Upgrade which also initiated in Slovakia.

T-21 Upgrade however appears to be more drastic than Moderna, with complete replacement of turret and hull modification to ensure that the T-72's Center of gravity to remain at where it was before. GIAT T-21 turret was basically a scaled down Le-clerc turret, with bustle autoloader and 120mm F1 gun. The turret is equipped with similar type of fire control system and perhaps optics with Le-clerc tank. The T-21 turret however was lighter, being only 15 metric ton in weight thus making it less armored than original Le-clerc turret. Nonetheless new fire control and gun may give T-72-T-21 superiority against older T-72 type.

The T-21 turret depicted above features turret mounted DYNA reactive armor, similar as T-72 Moderna.

During the making phase.. i faced quite difficult problem. Apparently there were very little numbers of imagery on this T-21 turret.. I had to make my own interpretations of the tank based on very small reference image. Rest of it.. i took details from Leclerc for hatches and optronics. Reactive armor layout are from Moderna.

Some images on T-21 however, depict all composite armor layout with no DYNA ERA.

Anyway that's all :D
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dud I think ur underrated.
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Hey there, really cool tank, Korva sent it to me to try a quick render, hope you like it

T-72-T21 by Stealthflanker
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Seen it :3

Nice work.

 Hmm the tank's gun and panoramic sight cover are actually movable, it can be opened.
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Interesting design! :D
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thanks. and yes, it's interesting to see various upgrade options for a tank.

I hope someone will commission me to make a Leopard-1 with T-72 turret.
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mantebs nih om :3
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Very nice :D

(Though the smoke grenades need a bit of fixing :P)
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I hope it can be better.
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