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[SFM] Elin DL

Some ports from Tera Online to Source engine
for Source Film Maker (no .phy)
They are extremely posable (~200 bones)

It just the first test :3
DL Link…
Tell me if you find some bugs!

I will work on them more but later...
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PhantomFoxy 2: So adorable, can just let them rude on my head and give them all a pat on their heads, they're so small^^

They're so small=D
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Your work is awesome! I'll be watch more of you videos. See Erichthonius Prime sending comments!
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Thank you. DL.
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I'm having a super hard time with the textures.. not sure what the exact problem is
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how to use them in mmd? o-o
can i get a link please?
could i get the DL link plz?
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May i get this models?>< It's so cute~~~
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Can you pass me the DL?
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<font><font>Great model!</font></font>
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excuse me these models are for MMD?
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public release soon?
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I'll totally download this when it goes public :D
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