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Zombie Distraction

Created for the zombie apocalypse RPG 'infected'

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"ik a" is the burner, haha, yay........................
here in germany it could be "al i" haha...
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Fantastic work. Very impressive.

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he looks like Jesus in TWD:) i mean the shape

Heromachinist's avatar
Don't build your zombie barrier out of shit IKEA particle board. You'll be sorry.
DvAsk's avatar
Ingvar Kamprad will be proud that his creation still stands!

Great concept!
zorgelf's avatar
wow, irry yet beautiful. 
The-real-milk-man's avatar
This is soo so so cool great work how long did it take ???
stayinwonderland's avatar
cheers man. I think about 4-5 days or something like that.
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Brilliant. I like the overall composition. It gives a real sense of this being a photo taken by someone hidden in the shadow.
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creepy stuff!  love it!
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Good old ikea, still useful even in a zombie apocalypse :P
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I like the "cool" word on the left, as this man peacefully looking at zombies. Great atmosphere !
stayinwonderland's avatar
yeah, I actually never thought of that subliminal message :) was meant to just be a fridge-y kinda word :p
Feliane's avatar
It was the question I had about your feeling when painting, thank you for the explanation ^^
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Yesss!!! That´s so cool :) great work
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Like your piece, it's just like home.
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I wish there was a video showing how u make these i am hugely inspired by zombie art and have tried to make my own and can never whip out scenaey images like these
stayinwonderland's avatar
hey there, well if you go to my facebook page ( I've uploaded an animated gif showing the steps and if you scroll down 2 more posts you'll see that I also put the initial thumbnail sketch below. :)
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