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July 6, 2014
Retro Sci Fi by stayinwonderland
Featured by Shue13
Suggested by BokehLight
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Retro Sci Fi

My take on the retro sci fi/retro futurism genre.

I like the idea of visiting earth in the future when it's uninhabitable and you need to wear a space suit (that has a glass bubble helmet :p )

Comments and questions please :D

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EDIT: Thanks so much for the DD :) and thanks for every single comment and fav :D
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BalloonPrincess's avatar
Awesome work!  :heart:

That peak to the left of the picture looks inspired.  :)
SNAREGOD's avatar
Space oddysey, but instead of monolith there is this beautiful sphere. Very nice!
space odyssey meet roadside picnic - I love it. 
Fentje's avatar
 This is amazing!Heart 
life90's avatar
what about Destiny and the Traveler??
Zuarko's avatar
Looks like one of the bubbles from Marooned in Realtime novel from Vernor Vinge!
Doc-Shadow's avatar
As a former Colorado and Arizona resident, i think i recognize that place ;)  Or at least it reminds me of the beautiful broken ridges I spent quite some time driving and hiking through.

Absolutely lovely and a great concept!
TomRossi's avatar
Why Retro Sci-Fi ? This is perfect. And I dond understand. Whay nobody dontwant make new movie ( film ) from author A.C . Clarke ?
Exammple ,, Rande vouz with Rama ,, or ,, Sun storm ,, or ,, 10 degree ,, etc. .... No no no ...Today Apocalipsa X-Man, Batman vs Superman etc.
nnrk's avatar
... 2001 space odyssey and the Chicago Cloud Gate. 
stayinwonderland's avatar
and Planet of the Apes :)
fredabrk39's avatar
Awesome picture. So full of detail.
eggzil's avatar
it seems like 2001 of kubrick, same genre, nice ! :)
Strangie800's avatar
I wonder what the ball is?
P2KS's avatar
This is one of those arts that makes you sit there and think. 
TomkyoStudios's avatar
This looks like a start to a Music Video
Jambal's avatar
Invincible ; Stanislaw Lem
Clockspur's avatar
It's beautiful.:heart:
GMax0's avatar
Your artworks are so inspiring, especially this one ! 
Good job ! 
petronellavanree's avatar
Love your work and gallery very muchHeart 
Learstang's avatar
Excellent job!


Elemento11's avatar
Ideal, i love orbs....
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