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Personal piece.

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What an incredible perspective shot. The angle really sells this, it's a really stunning piece. And it may be a small thing, but I can really feel the tightness of the ropes on that statue. The tension in those cables to me perfectly communicates the tension in the whole picture.
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thanks for the feedback, most kind!
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Simply stunning.
I liked the light accents, and the fact that the figure is in the shadow, it gives the proper mood. I'm personally not a fan of AC, but the story, whichi s drawn in the mind together with the name of the art gives great interest to the viewer
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Amazing. Dynamic. Full of details. My fave. ;)
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wow, awesome scene!
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I hope those people move before that statue comes down on them.
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damn. Impressive level of detail. Love the perspective too. The hints as to the story - the body of the knight on the bottom right, the ropes around the statue - are pretty subtle yet tantalising. The colours are great also. 
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thanks for all the kind words :)
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Lol, Is this revolution in my country? And that statue is Lenin? :D
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Very impressive work :)
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Wonderful perspective!
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That is a really awesome looking scene, I love the insane ammount of detail you put into it.
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great composition and use of lighting.
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WOW this is Amazing!!!!:la:
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Old Stoneface Vimes? =]
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This is really nice. That single soldier overlooking the protest is a pretty strong symbology.

It is a magnificent piece. Only problem I have with it is that when that statue goes down, it's going to crush a lot of people XD
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Never said they were smart people.
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In many rebillion fanatists were happy to get crushed by the falling statue so...
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wow this is so cool and well done!
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