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(OPEN!) Commission Info [updated 18.11.2020]

By StayAlivePlz
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    Hello! I’m #Stay, a freelance digital artist who has been producing digital art mainly in anime style for about 6 years. I offer digital art commissions, which you can get more detailed information about by referring to this page.

    You can find me on different platforms such as PixivTwitterInstagramYouTubeArtstation. I will be grateful if you would like to support me by checking my Patreon page. This will definitely be a paramount boost for my further endeavours.

What I do:

1) Coloring requests, belong to the category of coloring black and white pictures; this includes mostly manga panels, sketches, etc.

2) Anime OC (original character) and Fanart requests, it is the category of drawing characters in anime style with the information you provide.

3) Game & Realistic requests, unlike the above category, the character is drawn in a more realistic style.


• Reach me on profiles/portfolios mentioned above;

• Via e-mail:



 Payments are accepted through PayPal;

• Commission payment will be required only after the rough sketch has been confirmed by the customer.

 - no any critical changes will be accepted on no-cost after the sketch is confirmed.



 Commission prices are indicative and may vary for specific artworks.

 Extra charges will be added in the price for additional characters, specific details, and background.

*body expression sample ( link )

In your message/request:

• You should explain/describe everything you want in detail; characters, background, effects, colours, etc.

 You can also mention references and additional information; picture references are more preferable.


You should consider:

 Listed prices are only for the artworks of personal use! Commercial rates can be discussed individually.

 NSFW commission requests are acceptable.

 No mecha, vehicle, animal, dragons, furry, yaoi, hentai, gore or strange stuff.

 I don't accept requests with a deadline.

 Normally the duration of the request(s) may vary from 3 days to 2-4 weeks from the start sketching.

 If you didn’t find what you're looking for in any section, send me a note about it.


 No refund to be considered unless I will not be able to finish.

 Requests cannot be cancelled once the sketching is started.

 Artworks produced within this commission prices are strictly prohibited for commercial/profit use.


You can:

 ask for the progress of your commission request(s) at any time.

 ask me for a private commission, so I won't share it anywhere.

 share your request(s) wherever you want, but with a watermarked version only and you have to give proper credit.


You will get:

 Unwatermarked version in high resolution.

 Watermarked version (in high resolution) for sharing.

 Character transparent version (no background).

 Canvas Size - 2861 x 4093 pixels / 300 dpi / .PNG

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Hi there, I got two questions

1) Is bondage ok?

(it's ok when not)

2) is it possible when I have an Anime Oc to draw her in the Game/Realistic style?

Best regards and have a nice day ~

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hey hey,

both are okay.

thank ya :3

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What would cost A Game / Realistic full body bondage commission with background?

Best regards ~

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character prices are kinda stable, background will be added in price ($10-15 depends). thanks ^^

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are bikinis alright? I got a couple characters in mind, but they are both Bikini clad, one is Kay from girls und panzer, one is the South Dakota from Kancolle, and would it be ok to use the character for my logo on my dirt track cars? no profit, just fun stuff i do on weekends

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Sure, send me a pm. :3

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Do you do just rough sketches of stuff not the extra coloring and shading because I like to do that part myself? Thanks

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Yeah my friend, contact with me, we can talk about it. Thanks ^^

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