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Landscape II

22" x 30

Layer 1 by Giora
Layer 2 by Sandy
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JREKAS's avatar
very nice!!!!!!!!
ladyvintagee's avatar
Great painting! I love it!
Pluto52's avatar
Excellent work my friend,congratulations...very interesting…=D
Thank you very much Rachel!
This mysterious place is at our home
for now, and like you said, we're looking and looking at it, wondering what the next one will be like...
lien's avatar
What struck me about this painting was the way in which it is similar to looking at a photographic double exposure. Two distinct images layered in such a way as to make a new image possible. I think you are in a position to explore from here and it will be interesting to see what happens if you continue this idea into a series.
What an interesting observation!
We are about to start another painting,
using the same system.
Thanks Neil!
lien's avatar
My pleasure.
duytter's avatar
It's great to be able to paint both, you and your wife in the same painting.
I am not an abstract painter, but i really like your work, the colors and the
atmopshere are very beautiful.
We can imagine a landscape with water, the effects are very well done.
How do you work by layers, i don't understand layer1 by you and layer2 by Sandy...
Congratulations dear crazy painters couple :)

Where is this mysterious place? Perhaps in the obscurity of imagination? ? Or somewhere over the rainbow?
In such a painting i can look and look.....And find and find

You did a great job dear couple.
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