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Revived Revelations and Quest #3: Preparations


Revived Revelations and Quest #3: Preparations

Peril | White/Blue-Earth Running through the secret bunker, Peril pressed forward trying to get to their destination with quick speed. Passing another Light triber, they wheeled around them just dodging them. "Sorry!" They meowed, giving them a worried glance before pressing on. Finally reaching to where they needed to be, they turned a sharp corner into the room. "Astro!" They meowed, small tears forming at the ends of their eyes. "I thought I told you you're not allowed to die!" Their words sounding sharp and unforgiving but... but there was still a hint of worry and pain intertwined with them. "Who did this!?! I'll make sure they pay!" Astrophel | Red Void (?) Astrophel was resting, trying her best to recover from the traumatic attack on her just mere hours ago, when she heard a familiar voice enter her room. Opening a bleary eye, she smiled softly as tears began to burn. She'd never thought she'd see Peril again. "Peril... I'm sorry." Astro croaked, trying not to cry

To Save the World - Astrophel, Peril and Septimus


To Save the World - Astrophel, Peril and Septimus

Astrophel | Red Void Oh, this is wrong, oh so wrong. Astrophel was practically covering her mouth with both paws from exploding with a stream of apologies - especially towards the kittens - at her leader’s sudden incompetence. As if the spirits themselves managed to keep her voice shut, she crept away from her arguing Void Tribe-mates. She whispered towards the group of kittens: ”I’m REALLY sorry about all this, I promise we’re not all that strict, we’re glad to welcome you into Void Tribe!” She wasn’t sure her words got across, but she crept backwards, placing herself beside a cat that looks to be her age. Sorry, mind if I crash here for a bit? My tribe is... not doing well at the moment.” White/Blue-Earth Peril This... was so much. They lift their head towards the Silver-Earth, wondering what was on her mind as the chaos from these events... just... keep... coming. Breaking from their thoughts, they turn their head to an adolescent who was around their age, maybe a little older.

Whispering Echoes: Kaisa and Septimus


Whispering Echoes: Kaisa and Septimus

Kaisa | Purple-Void | Soldier Kaisa has been distubed by the strange incoherent whispers plaguing her thoughts as of recently. They weren't constant, but frequent enough that she was unnerved. Once a day or so she’d hear a haunting, fleeting, voice murmur something; as if it was right next to her. Her hackles would raise, and she’d whirl around, but nothing would be there. Some of her tribe-mates had heard them too, so she knew she wasn’t going crazy. However, others would dismiss the concerns brought up by her and the others. So, Kaisa decided to investigate for herself. That resolution had led Kaisa back to the Sporecap Wilds. She’d been here recently on a quest for finding ore, but the mushroom forest was still relatively forign to her. When she was here last, the incoherent whispers seemed to happen more frequently. So this was the only lead she had to go on. Kaisa let out a soft sigh of frustration as she emerged from between a towering mushroom and a

HS: Water and Earth Festival Totem Offerings


HS: Water and Earth Festival Totem Offerings

One Season ago... Today's the day! Astrophel was filled to the brim with nervousness and excitement as she eagerly skittered towards Cascada's totem. Gazing up at it's magnificence with awe, she carefully took out her offerings with a smile, looking up towards the totem. "Hi there Cascada!" She chirped, eyes shining like the light's reflection on the water. Happy Water Festival! I've got a couple of things that I've got for you, I hope you like them!" First, she took out her first set of gifts, a fin each from the two fish that she had caught during the fishing competition. "Here's some fins from the two fish that I caught when I participated during the fishing competition! It was my first time fishing too!" Carefully placing the two fins at the base of the totem, she stepped back and took out her second offering, a lighting conch shell. "Here's a pretty pretty shell that I found on the coastline! When you put your ear to it, it reminds me of the ocean waves, I thought you might like


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