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Abstract 224 by StationAperture Abstract 224 :iconstationaperture:StationAperture 18 0
Time's Arrow Marches On
Time's Arrow Marches On
Do we miss each other,
so far apart
between the stanza's
between the poems,
between the thoughts.
Do we regret?
we craft words to heal,
but drift apart,
poets competing instead of collaborating,
beautiful minds in a war with each other.
We are simply urban poets,
children of Whitman and Twain
controllers of the pen,
students of emotions,
observing our world,
we write through smoke and mirrors,
depicting society one line at a time.
I wish you luck,
I wish nothing more but the best for you,
your words will be spread across the nation,
I hope your name is established,
I hope your works are studied for years to come,
I hope you and I can see common ground again
I hope we meet again,
but time will only tell my friend,
for Time's Arrow Marches On.
:iconstationaperture:StationAperture 2 1
My Love.
My Love.
Love is a selfish game,
but ever since I got your name,
I want you to be my dame.
You walk around with class,
passing me by,
I feel like a jackass.
You smile at me to say bye.
I caught your spell,
my love.
Dreaming about you every day,
a child of The South Bay,
blonde hair in the wind,
baby blues eyes binding the beautiful mind,
a smile that lights the tunnels,
you make my emotions feel like a puzzle,
my love.
I imagine you're sitting next to me,
sitting under an acacia tree,
watching the stars together.
Too bad dreams are all I have,
I wait around the phone all night,
hoping you got my message to make my day bright,
my love.
:iconstationaperture:StationAperture 2 0
Opening Scene (Annie Hall Parody).
Opening Scene. (Annie Hall Parody)
A wise man once said that life is
"full of loneliness and misery and suffering and unhappiness,
and it's all over too quick".
Essentially, that's what my life has been.
For instants, I didn't have many friends as a kid,
maybe 3 friends,
but my friend and I got into an argument so that number decreased to 2.
If you were to tell my 9 year old self that I would have become a writer,
that child would throw the biggest fit you have ever seen.
He wanted to be a football player,
but he didn't liked being tackled.
I think I would've been a better international football player.
Why do I tell you this?
I live in the past.
"I think I'll get better as I get older",
to quote the wise man from before.
But I'm not one of those people who wears graphic t-shirts,
going to hotel rooms with other people,
screaming about my childhood.
Roxanne broke up with me,
and I'm reliving my past actions and analyzing everything.
I sit down in a quiet room daydreaming about our rela
:iconstationaperture:StationAperture 1 0
April and Casey
April and Casey
I'm scared to ask,
I've been pacing around for hours contemplating,
when I see you my demons goes away.
life is worth living when I'm in the same room as you,
I don't want to lose you,
I don't want to be alone again.
I've been alone,
treated like shit for years.
Love was dead,
you brought it back to life.
I want to be with you,
and live our lives together,
like April and Casey.
My mind is racing,
Haven't had this feeling in a long time,
every time I have this feeling,
it ends in tragedy.
They say love is just a chemical reaction so humans can breed,
but I just want to hold your hand,
and call you mine.
I am my own worst enemy,
my demons have taken over my happiness,
but when I'm with you,
you slay the demons.
I'm happier with you,
I don't have to be on Pot when I'm with you.
I'm going to ask you and I don't care if the plane crashes,
because I love you!
I want to run away with you,
and live our lives together,
like April and Casey.  
:iconstationaperture:StationAperture 0 0
Abstract 223 (Love) by StationAperture Abstract 223 (Love) :iconstationaperture:StationAperture 9 4 Abstract 222 by StationAperture Abstract 222 :iconstationaperture:StationAperture 7 3
The Train is Coming
The Train Is Coming.
The Train is coming,
to take you away.
You've wanted to run away for a while,
to start a new life,
The train is coming.
I was born in Boston,
ever since I was a boy,
I was a working class man
I've been dreaming of the gold out west.
Packed my bags, to move to the Rocky Mountains,
The train is coming.
I was born in Pittsburgh,
Carnegie steel factory work for 4 years,
raised as a farmer,
had to make money after our farm was taken from the Government,
I see my new life in Nebraska or Kansas,
to carry on my families trade.
The train is coming.
I was born in West Virginia,
Daddy was a coal miner,
and Momma was a teacher,
Tradition states that I must be a coal miner,
to carry on the family name,
but my future lies in Silicon Valley,
The train is coming.
The Train is coming,
to take you away.
You've wanted to run away for a while,
to start a new life,
The train is coming.
:iconstationaperture:StationAperture 2 0
The Battle Has Just Begun.
The Battle Has Just Begun. 
Corruption of man is upon us,
They will turn iron into rust.
The land we created using math,
will be laid to wrath,
the grass of the internet that grew will be cut down by the Scythe,
the tyrants holding on to the Scythe by the snath,
as they make their path of destruction for the rich,
leaving the working class to switch and ditch,
to run like a mouse under a fridge.
We must fight for our home,
everyone from Tokyo to Rome,
must fight using our weapons Firefox and Chrome,
Protect our land,
Mouse in our hand,
feet on the sand,
the battle has just begun.
:iconstationaperture:StationAperture 6 3
Abstract 221 by StationAperture Abstract 221 :iconstationaperture:StationAperture 12 6 Trail by StationAperture Trail :iconstationaperture:StationAperture 5 0 The Rocky Mountains [Filtered] by StationAperture The Rocky Mountains [Filtered] :iconstationaperture:StationAperture 4 0 The Rocky Mountains. by StationAperture The Rocky Mountains. :iconstationaperture:StationAperture 3 0 Landscape by StationAperture Landscape :iconstationaperture:StationAperture 5 0 Into The Woods by StationAperture Into The Woods :iconstationaperture:StationAperture 5 0 Rocky Mountains [Filtered] by StationAperture Rocky Mountains [Filtered] :iconstationaperture:StationAperture 5 0
This is all my recent Artwork.

I haven't been on this site in a long, LONG time. So let's get to the point.

I want to move on from StationAperture because this account has died. I haven't been uploading here for months for a whole list of reasons.

I've been really busy. I'm going to college in August for something completely different from art. My art will not pay my bills and debts I will be making to fund my future, it just wont. Art is my hobby, and I want to keep it as a hobby. With that in mind, I also want to be taken seriously as an artist. Not to say DA artist are not serious, they are! But for photography, it would be easier to get clients and to sell my art outside of DA.

So I moved to Instagram. If you want to follow my art, follow me at (…). I am currently experimenting with a new art style that combines abstract and photography so I hope you like it :).

This site has done a lot for me. This place made me feel like I belonged. When I started out here, I had no friends at my school and no friends online. In less than 4 months of me being on this site, I made life long friends. So thank you all for your support!

I also want to take a moment to thank these wonderful people for making a great impact on my life. I am forever grateful to you people for taking a loner kid and making him into the happiest guy in the world.

:iconaperturecrazy:, You are and always be my brother. Thank you for being there for me.
:iconurceola:, Thank you for everything you did for :iconabstract-abyss:, Thank you for making the group amazing!
:icongamefreaklover:, We got back lol, you were one of my first friends on this site and just thank you for everything Leo!
:iconkechuppika:, You are an amazing artist. Simply an amazing artist. I am so happy I met you. I'll send you some youtube videos soon :)
:iconcarrotcakie24601: You are an amazing soul. You are the sweetest person I have ever met. In a website full of disgusting artwork and artists, you have the biggest heart. You don't have a heart of gold, but a heart of platinum. Thank you for everything.

Everyone else who I've known but haven't mention. Thank you!

When I first started High School, I wrote a journal with my goals. So I will update you all on if I accomplish the goals or not.

-I wanna be a whole lot happier.
As of now, I am so happy with life. But High School had it's ups and downs. This was also when my depression got the worst of me after a girl rejected me and got together with my friend while they were in Europe. But I learn how to be happy. I learn to be a good person and I learn how to be healthy. I was obese during that time and now I am the healthiest I have ever been! So yeah, I made good on that goal :)

-I wanna make allot of friends.
I did. Some were real friends and some were acquaintances but whatever.

-I wanna get better at my guitar. 
Nope. I gave up the guitar after the members of the jazz band treated me like shit freshman year. BTW to those seniors that treated me horribly, I hope you find happiness in life.

-I wanna get my Driver's Licence.
Done. I won't be driving in college since I'll be living in a city so yeah. Also my car that I've had for three years that actually had stickers designed by :iconkechuppika: broke down the last week of my senior year of high school. RIP.

-I wanna get a job. I hope to get a job rather at Toy's R Us or Barnes and Noble. 
Toy's R us went out of business and Barnes and Noble wasn't hiring so I worked at a Mexican restaurant for two and a half years 

-Buy a car. I will save my money and get a job :P (Lick).
My parents brought me a car. again RIP.

Well that is about it. Go to… if you want more of my art!

Thank you all for everything. I love you all.



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