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Osamu Tezuka's Unico
Speed Paint
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Aww I love Unico so much, he is so DARN CUTE!! >w<
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can I use this on my profile? I love it so much
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I was wondering if I may have permission to put this on my profile? I will credit you of course, but if not I understand
MintyShuguh's avatar
what art/animation program do you use?
waikyu's avatar
Photoshop CC :)
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I love unico so much! But his story is super sad :(
Lucinhae's avatar
AchooTheShadowDragon's avatar
:O So cute! I read the book a long time ago x3 
thegreatrouge's avatar
he has the sadest story ever TT_TT
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Why doesn't Unico remember me!?!? 
YamiDesigns's avatar
Such a cutie pie >//<
Tiggsygoo's avatar
ChosenVowels's avatar
I love Unico <3 
DasFischi's avatar
lol hi chosen oAo/
aMuttnamedVali's avatar
may i use this?
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OH MY GOODNESSSSSS I'VE BEEN MISSING OUT ON ALL YOUR ADORABLE NEW STUFF T_T.. omg this is so precious :heart::heart: the color scheme & animation are absolute perfection!!
Mychelle's avatar
I loved this movie as a kid. <3
LittleRobotCat's avatar
Amg so cute!❤️ I just love this movie too much!<3 Too cute!❤️❤️*U*
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