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July 2, 2011
Suggester said: "This is absolutely amazing! I'm completely speechless, this piece has so much detail!"
Also suggested by ~Lenniox
Rapunzel by *staticwind
Featured by vanmall
Suggested by Ribbonheart
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"What is it like out there where they glow?"

Rapunzel from Tangled.

eee I bought the blu-ray. It's so amazing! @v@

Thank you so much *Ribbonheart, ~Lenniox, and ^vanmall for giving me a Daily Deviation :faint:
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*the signal on the Fobwatch beeps. Rapunzel presses the red button*

Rapunzel: Linkara?

Harvey Finevoice: Guess again, tots.

Rapunzel: Harvey? Why are you calling me?

Harvey Finevoice: what, you don't remember me? Cause I remember you...Louise.

*Rapunzel gasps*

Rapunzel: Thomas? Thomas Halloway?

Harvey Finevoice: You got it, babe.

Rapunzel: is this possible?

Harvey Finevoice: I don't know. So many weird things happening in the day, I wake up, it's 2008, and I'm in this body...a body that looks like the Kid for some reason...I knew there was something off with the Kid from the first moment I saw him. That's why my name is Harvey Finevoice now. I've been watching you ever since that friend of your got hit by that friendship rainbow....played dumb around the Kid....until the Pony came along. You won't get the Kid's help. He's too stubborn. But you'll get my help. I kept the Fobwatch...and I kept your note. Maybe the Kid will come around one of these days. Maybe he won't. It doesn't matter. You got me now, helping you from my universe.

Rapunzel: Oh, Thomas-

Harvey Finevoice: Harvey. Call me Harvey. We never know if the Kid is listening. Or that spook that poisons his mind.

Rapunzel: Harvey, this is great! I'm glad we can count on you! Anything we can do to help, just say it!

Harvey Finevoice: Just keep your ears open. Learn as much as you can about Sleepwalker. If you find anything, just call me. 
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It looks great!

And she looks like my friend...
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Spending all those years locked in a tower must've made it very difficult for Rapunzel to adapt to the world around her. :l Lonely 
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She's so cute! :happybounce: 
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Dawwww! i want to give her a hug!
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woow so cute
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aww, it's adorable! the details are so well done~!
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Beautiful and cute drawing of... me! <3 :3
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it's so cute! xD
By the way, what program did you use?
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wow it's soo cute *^*
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awwwww how cute!!
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:O This. Is. So. CUTE!!! Love your style! :D
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