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Internet Explorer Pony

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The poor thing, we only use her to get other browsers than toss her aside like trash. Sure, I can admit, I do that same, but poor girl! D,x

Blame this and this [link]

People on tumblr seem to like it, why not put it up here?

...any idea how I can submit her to groups?
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Me:(hugs her close) Shh. I-Its okay. P-Please don't cry. (looks at other ponies and bronies with rage) WHAT DID YOU BASTARDS SAY TO HER?!

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This would actually be more hard-hitting for me and her if this was real, because I've actually only recently-ish (either this year or last year) stopped using Internet Explorer - I actually never had any real problems with it in the 20+ years until various sites (like YouTube) didn't work as well for me.

So yeah, if this was real, I feel I'd be getting more of a "I thought you were different..." kind of reaction from her. :(

Sorry, let my imagination loose again. :)

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FanficFetishistHobbyist Writer
...Fucking hell, I'm a softy.

I feel bad for an INTERNET BROWSER.


Screw it.  *hugs the pony, gives her cookies, and has her call up some Markiplier videos to watch*
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It's the first browser I use. I won't be able to get other browsers without it. If that other browser was kinda buggy, I would use IE for a moment.
IE is not so bad. Actually I use IE to watch anime. Some anime site is better opened with IE. IE may not be the best, but it's still cool.
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No, I hate seeing Ponies cry... :-(
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Mine Internet Explorer: OMG! You to are Explorer? Ohhh... Don't cry my first version. I give you hug :3 *hug*
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dbkitHobbyist Digital Artist
Ugh. Don't make me feel bad about I.E. Please uuuuuuugh!
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XxMetroBoyPSxXStudent General Artist
Funny, I use her when necessary, and I STILL love her for it, because she's always dependable. c: I won't dare hurt, or hate the little thing! :(
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xgp-crashHobbyist Traditional Artist
Funny, I gave up on the others and went back to Internet Explorer 11 a little while ago.
I keep Firefox and Edge in reserve.
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I got internet explorer on my computer/
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PonyMoog203AHobbyist Interface Designer
Rest in peace, Internet Explorer... We will miss you in this hard times of Windows 10... :iconripplz:
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zirconniHobbyist Digital Artist
shh it's
ok, I KINDa use you

they did make a new AND WAYYY better (not really)
version named "Microsoft edge" on windows 10 
*get's slapped*
alright then...
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Internet explorer isnt completely useless.
Firefox, chrome, and opera are better yes.
But in order to get them. You gotta use internet explorer. Without it we wouldnt have the others.
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RedshiftTheFox General Artist
I use to always use Internet Explorer. Tried Chrome and didn't like it. I only got into using FireFox three years ago and I have to say, I never went back. When I switched to using a Mac, I couldn't use IE anymore, but lemme tell ya, Safari is way worse. Couldn't stand it. Instantly got myself FireFox and said Goodbye to Safari after that single time use.

IE wasn't terrible, it was on par with FireFox for a while in my experience. But it just got to the point where I could literally fight the mid-game boss on Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and have time to spare by time it was done loading.
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HeIbrechtHobbyist General Artist
Great now I need to browse on IE to stop feeling bad.
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SilverSoulFNAFHobbyist General Artist
Plz friend.........
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You not useless and   would take you over chrome any timeTaiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] 
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PoetBronyProfessional Writer
I occasionally get things to work on IE that don't want to work on Chrome. IE is still useful!
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Internet Explorer is not Useless! It's usefull! I use it for years and I have absolutely no problems with it. 
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zp92Student Digital Artist
it's ok, your a pony so you're naturally useless like the whole fandom 
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YingyanggamerHobbyist General Artist
Someone should do a fanart of her wearing a Spartan helmet.
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BB-KHobbyist Writer
It's sad to see her go, but I wonder will she get a better upgrade and be a better pony as Spartan Browser.

Personally I wish to see her upgraded as a new pony, thanks to Starlight Glimmer who can manipulate cutie marks.
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I've heard that she's not going anywhere.

Which is good, because I've heard that Spartan Browser Pony is really a Changeling.
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PsychoYellowDragonStudent General Artist
I have a bad news... *hug the pony* you have cancer...

(What i mean is Microsoft plan to discontinue IE and switch to another Browser project.)
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