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What the fuck, Hurl by StaticSignalz
Mature content
What the fuck, Hurl :iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 0 0
mice and roses are BULLSHIT by StaticSignalz mice and roses are BULLSHIT :iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 1 1 gay mice by StaticSignalz gay mice :iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 0 0
i dont know
here we go again
the tightness in your chest
the tears in your eyes
the fear in your emotions
thinking back on it
makes you feel awful
but alas,
you cannot stop it
they say you can be loved
but you don't believe them
if they truly loved you,
why would they leave you?
it's almost cultish,
how much you're dedicated
the constant need for validation
and protection
love is won
love is lost
and no matter how hard you try
you're on a losing streak
:iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 1 0
This Is Why My Friends Hate Me by StaticSignalz This Is Why My Friends Hate Me :iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 2 3
my darling,
my sweet angel,
i love you so,
despite my crumbling mind.
you give me love,
you make me feel whole,
i am nothing without you.
you and i both fear my mental state,
and my cursed habits,
the consideration of those i love,
as holy beings.
i am not a being meant for love,
despite my need for it,
in turn my mind decides,
to make me feel wretched,
a being of malice and corruption.
so once again,
my darling,
my sweet angel,
i love you,
despite my own crumbling mind.
:iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 0 0
Same Person, Just More Fashionable by StaticSignalz Same Person, Just More Fashionable :iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 1 0
Dolls are companions to Energy Leeches, and are typically the Leech’s first victim. Leeches capture a human and modify them to their liking. Typically vocal cords are damaged so the Doll cannot speak properly. Limbs may be damaged permanently so they can’t move effectively. Oftentimes, Leeches will have some sort of effect on the Doll’s mental state, making them dependent and “in love” with the Energy Leech who “cares” for them. In some cases, Dolls will need to have an IV attached to them, giving them needed nutrients and such.
:iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 0 0
Common Interests
Most Energy Leeches have three common interests: bright colors, violence, and abandoned areas. As such, Leeches pick the aesthetic style of “scene” which includes bright colors, unique ways of dressing, and a morbidly positive attitude. Energy Leeches also pick abandoned areas to live in, usually warehouses, schools, science facilities, and businesses. They prefer to live in abandoned areas because it is harder for their victims to get found by authorities. As for violence, Leeches have a lust for blood, with no real reason why. Maybe it’s because of their possessiveness, maybe it’s because they’re natural killers. No one really knows.
:iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 2 0
To put it simply, Energy Leeches are possessive entities. They’re a being without a distinct body, which takes over a host for its actions. As the name implies, Energy Leeches drain a host body’s energy, and does so very quickly. Often, Leeches only stay in a host for a maximum of 3 years, since they drain the life force of said host. Typically violent beings, Leeches use their hosts to commit crimes they find entertaining. No one is sure how they do not get caught, despite publicity of their violence.
:iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 0 0
Apology In The Form Of Mouse Art by StaticSignalz Apology In The Form Of Mouse Art :iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 1 0 Tonight We Stan by StaticSignalz Tonight We Stan :iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 3 0 I Make Mistakes Daily by StaticSignalz I Make Mistakes Daily :iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 1 0 Sparkledog Meme Because I'm Emo by StaticSignalz Sparkledog Meme Because I'm Emo :iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 1 0
Romeo, oh, Romeo
Romeo, oh, Romeo
Where have your friends gone?
Have they finally realized?
That it's hard for you to try,
And that you're pathetic?
Romeo, oh, Romeo
As soon as you left,
They started talking,
Just as you suspected.
They complained, they insulted,
Were they even friends at all?
Romeo, oh, Romeo
Do you see the damage you've done?
Even after a cult's leader is gone,
It may still thrive and harm.
Romeo, oh, Romeo
Listen to your song,
See how it fits the situation
And the sickness in your stomach
Romeo, oh, Romeo
How shall you rebuild your life?
When your honor and respect has gone,
How will you succeed?
Only time will tell.
:iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 0 0
Makai Rogers: Every Villain's Favorite Follower by StaticSignalz
Mature content
Makai Rogers: Every Villain's Favorite Follower :iconstaticsignalz:StaticSignalz 0 0


Druggy by DrMedrick
Mature content
Druggy :icondrmedrick:DrMedrick 42 6
Thiccorita by DrMedrick Thiccorita :icondrmedrick:DrMedrick 58 8 Good Boys by DrMedrick Good Boys :icondrmedrick:DrMedrick 48 4 Gift for Cupid by Metalslugx3 Gift for Cupid :iconmetalslugx3:Metalslugx3 4 0 Love Crimes by DrMedrick Love Crimes :icondrmedrick:DrMedrick 46 11 Scrunch your knees up by zarla Scrunch your knees up :iconzarla:zarla 2,862 261 Equinox Reference Sheet by Solsteria Equinox Reference Sheet :iconsolsteria:Solsteria 10 2 Evil Minnie (re-draw) by PsYcHoPaThYandSaNiTy Evil Minnie (re-draw) :iconpsychopathyandsanity:PsYcHoPaThYandSaNiTy 6 3 child has been elongated by ThunderOverWater child has been elongated :iconthunderoverwater:ThunderOverWater 6 2 Day 5 - Favorite maniraptoran by Dinosaurzzzz Day 5 - Favorite maniraptoran :icondinosaurzzzz:Dinosaurzzzz 42 17 tonight by jqzz tonight :iconjqzz:jqzz 65 2 Drown Yourself In Pussy by Calzoned Drown Yourself In Pussy :iconcalzoned:Calzoned 4 0 5-Minute crafts STAMP by Calzoned 5-Minute crafts STAMP :iconcalzoned:Calzoned 1 2 So Warren, Here's The Plan... by figgoprince So Warren, Here's The Plan... :iconfiggoprince:figgoprince 13 0 Butterfly by Calzoned Butterfly :iconcalzoned:Calzoned 6 2 Jake and lacey by lillie04 Jake and lacey :iconlillie04:lillie04 4 1


hmu on artfight, gamers


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Romeo Bennett
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
tumblr: dpd-werewolf (main), staticsignalz (art)

Bisexual, trans, mentally ill guy. I'm an emo werewolf and I dedicate my life to my aesthetic. Mental illnesses are: Autism, depression, DPD, psychosis, OSDD (system currently dormant)


What the fuck, Hurl
tagging as mature just in case, but this tweet reminded me of our soft and sweaty sodomite
hmu on artfight, gamers
SO for about a week or so my friends and i have been playing transformice (super fun game btw), my friend rat decides to marry me on said game. that happens, and he starts calling me his husband, which makes me lose it a little because i had a crush on him. things progress, and we kinda have convos that get a little gay, until i finally realize: "oh fuck. he's into me too. i am an idiot and a fool" so i march up to him in his dms and tell him that we're both awful at communication and that we're both gay for each other. and now i have a boyfriend. steph yelled at me for how stupid i was lmao life is a bad fanfic


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