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Ten becomes Eleven

It's xmas again and at this time of year I like to create a picture for all my honorary and family nephew Dr Who fanatics.

This one features David Tennant as Ten and New Doctor Matt Smith who takes on the mantle of one of British TV's most beloved characters this Christmas when Ten regenerates....
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Love the composition and the concept :) great art!
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You're welcome!
That is truly excellent. You really caught them both very well.
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I'm still undecided on the look. Must be the bowtie.

Wonderful picture though :)
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I love what you've done to the background, but then the figures in the foreground are awesome too.

I'm excited about seeing the Christmas special. Is that Eleven's costume? I never like them first time I see them, but I love the style you've used to draw it: sparing with the details, but using them where they count.
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Yes that is the costume seen in some photos of Matt Smith filming next year's episodes. :) His costume have split fandom - I quite like the young fogey look myself.

/excited and looking forward to xmas.
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He looks like a very early Giles from Buffy, except Giles was kind of a rebel in his youth. ;) I'm sure it'll grow on me, but nothing will ever top the awesomeness of Nine's costume.
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Yes I agree... :)
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