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another OC/pokemon drawing competition tourney thing, only this time it's just pokemon. and because i totally don't draw enough pokemon (olololol) i decided i'd give it a shot. I might not draw for all parts of it, though; i could give writing a shot. anyway, to the actual information...


NAME : Frumgaar
means "lead-spear" in ye olde Englishe; Gaar would be an acceptable nickname.
SPECIES : Cranidos
AGE : technically really really really old but he's also technically still really young. lolnonsense
NATURE : Quiet
often lost in thought.
SPECIAL INFO : SHINY; wears scratched-up tracking collar; only has 3 horns.
-Head Smash
-Scary Face
-Thunder Punch
--Back in the olden days when people tied onions to their belts and ancient dinosaurian Pokemon roamed what I presume to be Earth, there was a herd of Rampardos. Among these Rampardos were born many Cranidos (of course), but one was born a different color from the others. The Rampardos saw this as a sign or omen - even a blessing - and decided that he would be their leader. This Cranidos, of course, was Frumgaar. The herd took a liking to him and began training him to be as strong as possible; they taught him how he should act, how he should fight, and how he should lead. He was incredibly overwhealmed, but not wanting to disappoint the others, he took on the task to the best of his ability. HIS PARENTS WERE SO PROUD~~~!

He had a natural charisma about him (the fact that he sparkles probably had something to do with it) and fell easily into the role of leader-in-training. Frumgaar led a good life, until the unfortunate day of his death. Locked in a battle with a Shieldon, the two were swept away beneath a mudslide, as were the rest of Frumgaar's and the Shieldon's herds. Which brings us to the present.

A group of Rockets returned to Kanto after a raid on a Sinnoian (i dunno, 'from sinnoh') expedition with a huge number of fossils in tow, Skull Fossils and Armor Fossils alike. They went on a reviving spree, planning on using the resulting pokemon for research; however, Frumgaar's unusual coloration caught them off guard. They had to decide what to do with him; would he be a gift to Giovanni? Would he be given to the Rocket member who best proved himself loyal? Would he be a test subject to find how to create more unusually-colored pokemon? The Rockets feuded among themselves for a long while over the subject of what to do with the young Cranidos.

They never put him in a pokeball, and couldn't retain him when he was in the Pewter Museum where he was revived; so, they shipped him to the Celadon Game Corner basement hideout where he was collared with a tracking device and placed in a sturdy cage among other revived fossil pokemon. He spends his days wearing down the cage bars and clawing at his collar, slowly but surely working his way out of his entrapment.

His goal is to learn the fate of his family, escape the Rocket hideout, and find a place for himself in this strange new world.

--Frumgaar is young, intelligent, but his youth makes him somewhat naive, and his intelligence has nearly lead to 'curiosity killed the cranidos' moments. He's very quiet, as his nature states, and despite no longer being trained to be a leader, stays by his teachings. He's chivalrous, bold, stubborn, and thoughtful. Still, he is just a child, and isn't always srs bsns. He likes to play just as much as any child.

If other young pokemon were to treat him as an equal, he wouldn't be sure of how to take it; always being praised and treated as a much more important being means he's caught off guard when others talk casually to him or don't seem to recognize his status.

He uses his training to his advantage and always steps up for the underdog, whether they want him to or not. If someone did the same for him he'd get incredibly flustered. He tries to be intimidating, but that's hard when you're so cute and shiny~~~ If his intimidation tactics fail, he's at a momentary loss, and if found in a sudden attack he'd be thrown off guard. If he realizes he's losing a fight, he gets scared, and he fumbles and fails. He takes losses very personally; the slightest mistake and he feels he's let down his family, alive or not.

Generally, Frumgaar gets along best with other quiet and intelligent pokemon. Bolder and more rambunctious Pokemon make him feel awkward, and he has no tolerance for rudeness. He has a grudge against Team Rocket and Shieldons or Bastiodons. rivals 4 lief and beyond


told you it was tl dr
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Looks like our request came through. We got paired together. ^^

I'm going to do what I always do at the beginning of a round, namely spam questions to my partner about their character. If you have any questions about Moche as well, feel free to let me know. ;)

Okay, so...

1) I assume Gaar doesn't know what humans are or how their technology works, but what about more 'modern' Pokemon? Would he recognize a Scizor if he saw one?

2) Has his family/herd also been revived? If so, are they in the Celadon Game Corner too, or are they somewhere totally different?

3) What are his current priorities? Escape? Find family? Find evil-doers and get some pay-back?

4) What is your take on Cranidos diet? They are based on this guy: [link] which is usually treated as a herbivore. However, the pokedex states that Cranidos hunts down prey, making it a carnivore or an omnivore.

5) That colar, does it have symbols on it? I can't make out what they are exactly.

6) About the three horns. Did he have only three from birth, or did he lose one by accident?

7) How does he speak? For some reason I imagine him being very polite, and sounding quite mature most of the time, but then sometimes going back to child-like speech habits like asking a lot of questions. Would that be accurate?