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Beyond Grave, Beneath Hope Chp3
The air was heavy, but that was usual of Mordor’s atmosphere. The perpetual cloud of smog kept much of the skies above dark. Any and all light came from the all seeing eye of Sauron, blazing through the black dank. Most would be too terrified to even approach, less walk through the Black Gate. But Melle was unlike most people.
Instead, she let the intimidations of the orc next to her, escorting her up to the winding halls, be what bothered her the most. For what little she could focus, he was only a few paces abreast to her to the right. Her eyes averted down.
“Looks like . . . Sauron cleaned up a bit. I remember that there used to be blood stains there . . . . Food stains from the kitchen over there . . . and everything was slimier, right?” she said, trying to break the ice. Towering next to her, the pale-skinned orc could only look to the corner of his eyes at her.
“ . . . Yes.” He stated back, obviously less apt to change the atmosphere. When she realiz
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Beyond Grave, Beneath Hope Chp 2
Bolg lead the carriage while Melle mentally debated about what possibly could be going on. Each bump and rocky terrain they passed, the sky through the carapace grew darker and darker, the territory of Mordor becoming more apparent. Inside the carriage, she had no one but her own company to bide her time with.
“What could he want so bad of me of?” she whispered while looking down at her knees and white and green pants. Bolg had not even as so much given her time to change. She was already missing her tower in Ruhn. At least there she didn’t have to worry of any high nobles coming in with her pajamas on. But there were sure to be other issues that would arise. She was, afterall, swept away with little warning.
“I’d best have a better explanation when I get there,” she grumbled, closing her eyes. Rest would be the only thing she could do on this ride, once she adjusted to the bumpy ride. Exhaustion the one thing she could at least prevent.
She traveled
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WIp theif by Static-Foil WIp theif :iconstatic-foil:Static-Foil 0 0 Knew You Were Trouble by Static-Foil Knew You Were Trouble :iconstatic-foil:Static-Foil 2 4 @Peace or.  . . by Static-Foil
Mature content
@Peace or. . . :iconstatic-foil:Static-Foil 2 3
We Make This Look Good by Static-Foil We Make This Look Good :iconstatic-foil:Static-Foil 1 1
Beyond Grave, Beneath Hope
Ink wells were thrown carelessly to the side. Each one on the stone ground dried or half filled, spilled and staining the tower for years to come. Yet the artist within cared not for its shape. No. Because so much more was on her mind.
Pictures and portraits laid strewn amonst all the walking surface of the tower, several showing foot prints from hours of pacing rom the red haired woman within.
“Ok . . .no, no , no, that simply won’t do,” she muttered under her breath, teeth fussing on her   bottom lip   as she   turned page after page, eyes never  settling on one   sheet   of the book   for longer   than a half   a   second… The click of her heels resounded with a staccato pace behind her with each step, yet none of it offered answers   to what was   ailing her . . . .
Here, in this isolated place from Mordor, it pulled her away from both the smogged over skies and the many offensive manner of thoughts
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just Feel by Static-Foil
Mature content
just Feel :iconstatic-foil:Static-Foil 3 8
Mature content
By Eachother's Life :iconstatic-foil:Static-Foil 3 5
Battle Status Mara by Static-Foil Battle Status Mara :iconstatic-foil:Static-Foil 6 8
Promise 10th Doctor/Reader
Trust. You trusted him within only two hours of meeting hima fter meeting him as a little girl.
And you still did. The tenth doctor raced, not even waiting for Martha or Donna to catch up as his comapnions chased.
They knew where his destination was.
"Go on, Doctor!" The Martha shouted, "Get to her quick!"
Why did everything they solved with the Daleks have to end up with the whole place exploding? Bloody hell, the Doctor just ran faster as his trench fluttered behind, tie ascued. He had to grab you.
The woman that had been raised by a single mother
The woman that had given up on humanity every time they gave up on her mother
The woman that had to face that same humanity alone when her mother passed.
And yet, in all of that hoplessness, he had found her, a decade and a half later, amonst the dalek fleet.
A stray residue of the DFocot'rs dna. The Doctor screamed Bloody down the corridor like a madman as his voice echoed.
How was he suppsoed to know a simply scarf could be traced back to
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Mature content
The Contrast of Power: Final Chapter :iconstatic-foil:Static-Foil 0 2


:icondark-reader-inserts: :iconheroes-vs-villains:


Here are my samples. I am an active Asmr role player that can do both female characters of nsfw content and Sfw content.

For a look at my SFW content, you can listen on my Patreon and Tumblr at…

Some topics I'm familiar with recording are audios of:

Bdsm content
Amongst other things

For nsfw content, you must verify your age. All users are allowed.

Becoming a patron gives you access to my content in the future after my grand opening weeks. But commissions can be either private and sent to you or allowed .

My rates are

Sfw content
2-3 minutes- $8-10 USD depending on complexity.

5-8 minutes $15-20 USD

10-15 minutes 25-30.

Nsfw content

2-3 minute- $10-12 USD

5-8 minutes $18-24

10-15 minutes $30 flat rate.

If you need multiple recordings done, there is a discounted and package rate. Please feel free to contact me at my emal for inquiry at
So I'm writing a friend's Oc and mines and they're delectable.

It's a good warm up, may post some if I get their permission.

I don't have time yet with college to join any groups or take any art endeavors or rps, but hopfully I can soon.

Original Characters that have still been active:




1. It's been ages since you've dared to even show your shamed face anywhere
2. You've arted.
3. When all your friends and loved one have IMPROVED TREMNEDOUSLY and left you dustedin the wind
4. You're so proud of them
5. *thinks its easier to sink into the dust than face em again

GuhDAMN its been a long time ;-;


Is in love with Albert Wesker
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United States

Hi Deviant! :D Just for future clarification, this is Pen_Anima (TON) and Knight Z (luna) ^_^ And now Renz-chan on tinier! :D

Hello everyone. :) Back from a long hiatus and trying to get my art back together. Trying to see my options on how to get a tablet, but until then, I will be working with my tradtional and limited coloring on gimp and photoshop. <3

For everyone that favorites me and my watchers, thank you so much for sticking with me through the thick and the thin.


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