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Shizu Sogone - Concept

By StateOfDep
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If I've linked you to this image:
It's fine if you'd prefer drawing her other form: [link]
Or without the jacket like shown in this one: [link]
Or her alternate because how do you human form correctly: [link]

Also, her hair's curly now. Haven't updated this.

And it's totally cool to shorten her hair or make other little tweaks if you need to~

Or a better looking references, whichever. I needed something a bit, um, newer.

Without the jacket, her shirt is sleeveless, like the previous one.
Shoes really don't matter.
(Curses, derp anatomy)

(Also, randomly, there are those wavelength pulsar bar things on her clips, under the grey part of her armwarmers, the purple bands of her armwarmers, the belt thing, and the leg-belt thing. This said, the wavelength-pulsar-thing could also be on her hair clip in back. I doubt even I'll actually draw them, like ever. xD;; )

Uh, so yeah. ;;

Shizu Sogone is an UTAU of mine. ouo;;
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