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Aroku Senna - UTAU Concept

By StateOfDep
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Updated info:
-Screw my crap anatomy. Sorry about that.
-I'm going to get around to redrawing her soon. I've made a few tweaks to her design since this one.
-She should only be about 5'3" at most. I fail at drawing heights.
-Shoes never matter. I fail at those too.
-Also if I've linked you here, you can draw her as a fish if you want. Because I think that would be really funny.
So while I redid Shizu's concept thing, I figured I may as well do Aroku's too. No idea if I'll get around to the rest of my OCs...eventually...maybe...I guess...orz;;

Shoes don't really matter.
There's a bow on the back of her sash thing.
More pulsar-bar-wavelength-whataretheyevencalled-things on her bracelets, belt thing, and leg-bracelet things.
/orz that was supposed to be a thumbs-up thing...
orz, try to ignore the derp anatomy...please...

Aroku Senna is an UTAU of mine. o3o;;
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