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arteyfrustracion's avatar

oh muy buen estilo 🤔

The clouds are very real

Agreatperson123's avatar

HOW? this looks unreal im just so confused it looks like it was a picture from real life

CEOBigBeefy's avatar

That's stunning!

thats beautiful

pratz95's avatar

Amazing! Loved this 😍

Sparkese's avatar

What the hell that is amazeballs :'D

This is so good! Do you do commissions?

StasyaSky's avatar

TY <3 Yes, I do)

What did you use to draw this?

NAZGOOLOO's avatar
nooranihasnain's avatar

Reminds me of naruto, BIG TIME

KaydonKayde13's avatar

This is astounding!!

very nice skills but i think the lightening could be more realistic because the sun is behind the moon and water should not be so bright then 😅 sry 4 bad english 😅

CairynaArt's avatar

Then all the artistic charm will disappear and we will see a banal photograph of the next sunset. But we are all different, our tastes are different. I love more fantasy, fairy tales, and relism - it surrounds and no longer delights. I'm getting old)) The picture is magical! Attractive and memorable. Sincerely, Cairyna (Online Gallery CairynaArt)

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GranTurismoScapes's avatar

that's sexy I can't lie

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Owiko7's avatar

Was this inspired in any way by the eclipse on the 10th of June? reminds me of the little place my father and I went to view it. Was such a beautiful sky that morning. Great work!

StasyaSky's avatar

No) It art was started at last year :D but I finished it at last week. Thank you!

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