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Analogically to the previous one, I'm doing a mini poster and a turntable of mmc this time:

Below, there's a wall of some randomy stuff about him, don't read if not interested.

Benjamin was the easy for the eyes, rock type of a character, who was supposed to glue the group together, with his own share of turbulences in the past, yet not hung up about it (though some of the stupid shit he did has prolonging consequences on his career, which he is not aware of). At first, he was supposed to be the deeply probing type, aiming in psychology as his major, trying to understand people in this "textbook" kind of way, but I was too stupid to write that, and "reduced" him to a leader and (temporary) teacher who just wants to make shit work. His general looks were inspired by Michael T. Weiss looong time ago (seems like my aesthetics were always about dudes with dark hair and eyes), but since I can't draw, he just looks like my other samefaces.

::Mei::Kaleb:: Benjamin::Simon::

looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll


32 years old, 196 cm. 32yo, isn't this too much? - I thought many times while planning timelines and stuff, and I was going back and forth, tho at the time this was happening, I thought 32 is a lot. Then I got older than him and settled up on 32 and then I thought: isn't it too little? I found very confusing data about average OF-1 and corresponding ranks ages. But hey, it's teh futuuureee.

Camel lashes, brown eyes, black hair that curl a little when too long, olive skin, permanent 5 o'clock shadow. Mix of races.

Can't take more than two days without a bath. Showers everyday and if there's no conditions for that, he gets bothered about smell, beard, nails, anything, so when he has time, he's spending it to make himself presentable - nowadays* the rules for officers aren't as strict, but those were loosened up right after he passed all his exams, so he's super bitter about that (he needs to shave everyday because of dark thick facial hair visible through skin, grows stupid fast), but still keeps to his habits from academy years.

Sleeps a lot in his free time, doesn't have much of it thou.

Was given private quarters (in the basement of the building he currently teaches at - a room and a compact bathroom) to allow him to do his paperwork in peace, under a condition he will renovate it by himself somehow. He asked his trainees for help in exchange for better marks of their chosen subject at the end of next semester. Worked nicely. Sorta...

Stress tolerance not as high, as he would want to, but can endure it for prolonged periods of time. If things pile up, he needs to quiet his mind the most (that's why he started smoking). Little possibility of ptsd and no sociopathic tendencies. That said, not exactly the straightest shooter, bends regs when he can if there's something he or his people gain from that. Contradictory if you think he kills people for living, although he aims in avoiding casualties and hates referring to people as "targets" or "objectives".

Has three siblings, younger brother and sister (she's the apple of his eye tbh), and older brother. He's closer with younger siblings and often ended up as their nanny, guardian and chaperone. Felt partially responsible for older bro too, since he was sort of a problematic element.

Thanks to that, he can take care of chores, cooking, even cutting hair, he's surprisingly normal (mostly...), but you won't know that unless you know him well.

Usually collected and tidy, but his own personal things are in a mess stuffed in drawers, boxes etc.

Not that hell bent on discipline and etiquette from others, but requires it from self and his closest teammates while on clock. Treats everyone equally, but if situation demands it, he takes the "favor for favor " approach. Prefers people to be frank with him, and he will repay with same thing (unless that's something personal).

Sort of intimidating and hard to read, doesn't let his guard down easily partially because he's afraid he's pretty boring, but most of all, wants to keep proper distance as commanding officer.

Stuck as second lieutenant for more than a year and half. HQ is too busy assisting in recovery and relocation projects to hand out promotions now.

Likes things simple. Like, literally. Also strives to simplify everything he can.

Only spends money regularly on smoking, tried to give it up, but lasted only two years. Classic cigarettes are hard to come by thou*.

Has little to no photos, no keepsakes, avoids social media like fire.

Rarely speaks about himself, but has a way of making others talk (thing that pisses Mei the most). What his own team knows about him is coming from Kaleb rather than himself.

Has a small apartment at his home town, managed by his sister while he's deployed.

What bugs him the most is uncertainty and insincerity, it makes him anxious. He can take it if you don't talk to him, but if you lie to him, he will be absolutely bothered. Or pissed, depends on the issue. Has lots of self-control on many levels tho, so if a problem doesn't need immediate attention, he keeps remarks to himself.

Ben started speaking German since he was born there, but his parents migrated with him to UK while he was still very little. He remembered some German and later learned it as his secondary lang, then started forgetting it gradually. He speaks British English with strong American "blend" since it's used a lot.

Drunk: usually happily, ignores personal space boundaries.
Hangover: headaches, photophobia.

* around 2050
I made another one with Benny this time. I'm kinda freaking out, because still I cannot get his body proportions right, and he still looks like that other dude I don't like <_<

Btw, those are 1280x720, so not meant to be watched fullscreen. Still hoping there are no ads.

Mei somewhere at the end of the story:

And since the song is fucking awesome:… It's moody as he can be, but the lyrics have nothing to do with him.
I love synthwave.
Corporal Bane is back in Guild Wars~!

AND he sounds like Steve Blum!


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I'm not sure because I got these at first update, but there were two small ones right after, one might fixed that gray patch on Wol's face.
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I had one big update that finished earlier, so all the files are up to date, but for some reason that patch is on his face.. dunno why. Going through all the files still
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Ah, maybe not fixed then, weird, since you can get this job in the game already. It's also possible that there's a separate model with different face UV that's why the non-Kefka face texture doesn't fit (1912??) I mean, I'm sure the UV for both textures should be different by looking at the textures themselves, but I haven't inspected the models closely (I'm mostly just browsing, and only finish up ports that interest me).
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