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Welcome to the Starxie group made for fans of our two favorite unicorns Starlight Glimmer and the Great and Powerful Trixie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Starlight Glimmer Bounce - Free Avatar by YokoKinawa Trixie Bounce - Free Avatar by YokoKinawa

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Rules and Guidlines:

● Any interactions between Starlight/Trixie are not always limited to shipping art, any of them together must still be submitted.

●Please /NO/ flamewars. I did not make this group just to see such toxic behavior between shippers on which ship is better or worse or being downright hostile. You are allowed to like or dislike a ship just as much as everyone else does, there's nothing wrong with that. But please be respectful to one's opinions without throwing name calling or other forms of harassment and bullying. That behavior will /NOT/ be tolerated.

● Please place works in their respective folders, we do find it tiresome how some users don't place them in the correct ones, or having to remove some works that have literally nothing to do with Starlight/Trixie. Please don't submit any art UNLESS it's about these two.

● Please do not submit forms of art you didn't make which includes screenshots, recolors, etc. The only ones we allow are vectors and used bases (as long as you give their respective base makers credit.)

● We do not accept any form of character abuse art.

● If you have any questions, feel to free to contact our administrator, until then have fun shipping!

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Gallery Folders

G5 Remastered Starlight Glimmer by EmeraldBlast63
3D4D Art Trade- Starlight in the Illusions by kTd1993
Video Game Night by GradiusFanatic
team Twilight (1/3) by guatergau5
Starlight Glimmer - Solo
Starlight Glimmer (Smiling Vector) by Nancy-Bricks
Starlight Glimmer by Evivan
[Comm] Going for a Drive by PSFMer
Starlight Glimmer by Bowsaremyfriends
Trixie - Solo
Trixie's stomach growls (Jewelpet style) by Mega-PoNEO
Ballbud Trixie by Mega-PoNEO
Trixie Lunamoon as a Ball by AnimeArtistMii
Trixie portrait short mane by CloudyGlow
Starxie - Romance or Friendship
Starlight Glimmer and Trixie in robes by CloudyGlow
MLP Vector - Starlight and Trixie #2 by jhayarr23
Best PonyFriends Forever Wallpaper by SailorTrekkie92
Trixie's gift from Starlight by DisneyMarvel96
Starlight or Trixie with others
Kiss for Shield Wing outside Appleloosa by lachlancarr1996
I like you when you are so cute by lachlancarr1996
A Friendly Connection by lillianlover2007
Luea and Trixie Ball Games by SPATON37
Starxie - Next Gen
Nothing At All by kindheart525
Trouble in Absentia by kindheart525
Trixie+Starlight Glimmer Fusion Adoptable -CLOSED- by lnz14
MLP NG: The New Heroes by JabuxGirl





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