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... really? DeviantART doesn't allow you to use "é" in a deviation name? That's dumb. Now the name sounds like a Rhastafarian on Facebook.

Anyways, this right here's a little something I did involving a certain pet peeve of mine. You see, in spite of the fact Pokémon has gotten a unique and intricately made new logo with each game in Japan, we've had the same old 90s-inspired blue and yellow thing since 1996. Not that I don't love the Pokémon logo, but they really should've at least made some effort to keep with the times a bit. No logo on any other Nintendo franchise has remained exactly the same consistently for their full tenure.

And before anyone says anything, I skipped the remakes and BW2.

Pokémon belongs to :iconnintendoplz: and Game Freak.

UPDATE ~ MAY 19, 2014: Since a lot of people have asked me about if they may or may not use the logos, I've decided to state right in the description that I do allow use of the logos for projects of all sorts both in full and in part. I also wouldn't mind being credited and informed of when/how they're being used, but that's more a request than a mandatory demand for usage. What can I say? I get curious what my work's being used for, y'know? Sweat Drop revamp 

If explaining this proves necessary on a couple of my other Deviations, I may make a Journal entry devoted to the topic and pin it to my Profile, but I think this should suffice for now. Good luck catching 'em all, fellow trainers~!
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