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The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter Ch. 97
- Chapter 97 -Interrogations Draco was sitting on the cold floor staring at the door which opened with a hiss. He wasn’t sure which one of the Rendar triplets was stepping in, but then he realized it must be another one than the one who brought him in the cargo hold. This Rendar offspring had a scar at the forehead.
“So what do you want to do now, Rendar,” he asked with a scowl. “Throwing me out the airlock?”
Biggs planted himself in front of the cuffed man, folded his arms in front of his chest and looked at him without saying a word.
“Do you think I will tell you anything if you’re just standing there, kiddo?” The pirate asked looking up to the young man.
Biggs gave him a lopsided sneer while still keeping silent. ‘Maybe this was the young Rendar’s tactic, but he won’t achieve anything this way,’ the pirate captain thought as he shifted a bit to become more comfortable.
The young Jedi noticed this with mild amusement; Draco had no idea how uncomfortable it would become for him soon.
“Oh, I’m not only standing here, Draco and don’t call me kiddo,” Biggs said finally breaking the somehow unnerving silence. “What have you done to the Commander?”
The pirate shrugged instead of giving an answer and spit on Biggs’ boots.
“So you really want it the hard way,” Biggs stated as a matter of fact and unfolded his arms.
“Now I’m really afraid, kiddo,” Draco mocked the young Rendar who was watching the elder man unimpressed. The Jedi was preparing already for what he was about to do.
Biggs reached out with his right hand and concentrated, while Draco was looking at him in bewilderment.
“What are you doing?” He asked, but he didn’t get an answer. Instead of an answer he suddenly felt a pressure in his head, as if someone was just entering his brain. Draco managed to hold his head with both hands and tears were forming in his eyes. Then the pain in his head began to increase. He looked at the Jedi who seemed to only stand there with an outstretched hand. The pirate was gasping.
“Stop…this,” Draco’s voice was almost a scream.
His tormentor continued unmoved by the pirate’s plea. The young Jedi was digging even deeper in his victim’s mind; searching for the memories which would help them to find his mother. He didn’t care if he was hurting the man who was screaming now. Draco has had his chance, now he suffered the consequences.
Corran has entered the cargo hold as well and was watching without any emotions. His brother pushed even harder, rummaging in Draco’s memories. There were glimpses of a joyless childhood, lost loves and successful raids. The pirate was only half conscious as Biggs finally found what he was looking for. The young man pulled out from Draco’s mind and looked daggers at him.
“The karking bastard turned Mama in, Corran!” Biggs shouted angrily. “They used Ysalamiri to block her from the Force. Mama was brought by a Commodore Canady onto his Dreadnought, location unknown. We’re locked in stalemate!”
The youngest of the Rendar triplets stared first at his brother then at Draco who was in agony. He took a deep breath before he drew his blaster pointing it at the captive’s head. His finger was lingering on the trigger and he was longing to end the man’s life who betrayed their mother. But then an idea came into his mind and he holstered his blaster. After kicking the unconscious pirate in the balls he turned to his brother.
“He could be of further use, Biggs,” he said finally and turned to leave.
Both brothers walked back to the cockpit in silence where their father was waiting for them. “Mama is on a First Order Dreadnought which is under the command of a certain Commodore Canady,” Biggs told Dash before he fell silent again and settled down in the copilot’s seat. Corran sat down in one of the other free seats and stretched his legs. His father watched him carefully, realizing now how much his son has changed after the Battle of Crait when he was left behind.
“Any known location?” The Galactic Civil War hero finally asked. As his sons shook their heads he groaned and buried his face in his hands, which were trembling slightly. It hurt the brothers to see him being this way. Their father was always strong and optimistic, but with his wife being missing his true age was showing. The situation took its toll on him.
“No location, but I have a plan to find out, father,” Corran said and begun to explain what he had in mind.
While Biggs was busy to poke around in Draco’s mind onboard the Outrider, Nomi was brought back in her cell on Canady’s Dreadnought. The troopers opened the door and pushed her in. Nomi fell hard on the floor; bleeding and hurting from the torture she has undergone the Commander begun to crawl slowly to the cot. Laughing the troopers locked the door, before they made their way back to the guardroom. It took long but then the Jedi Master managed to pull herself up and lay down on the cot. She closed her eyes feeling exhausted. Canady has tried everything to break her, but without avail. Suddenly she cast up her eyes. There it was…the Force.
The Ysalamiri must have been fallen asleep. She had five minutes, five precious minutes to heal the worst of her wounds. Closing her eyes she summoned the Force and let her hands linger over the wounds which begun to close. But then the five minutes were over and she lost contact. The Commander felt a bit better now, despite she was pretty sure that Canady wouldn’t rely on a single interrogation only. He wanted to know the location of her base so he could blast it with any people being there in oblivion.
She had to buy time for the Resistance cell members for either to evacuate and to establish a new base elsewhere or to find and rescue her....




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