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The Slicer by xxTheTruMan196
The Crimson Phoenix by DisneyOtakuXL

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Dathomirian Mud Bath by Liscivia by TheWillofDarthAvis
I'm one with the force, the force is with me by DisneyOtakuXL
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Ap'ar Ren by Lordamus
Dar Ren by Lordamus
Baby Yoda, Meet Mara Jade by Reese07
The Mandalorian, Boba Fett, Baby Yoda Easter Eggs by MahiyanaCarudla
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First Order Cadets 5- Captain Cardinal by Taipu556
First Order Cadets 4- Foodfight by Taipu556
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First Order Cadets 2- Failure by Taipu556
Slick Mctash Ta-vadia sketch 2 by HumbleSkribbles
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Slick Mctash Ta-vadia 1 by HumbleSkribbles
Darth Traya by DarthRavager86
Digital II
Rey Skywalker, Jedi Knight by randomgirl1298
Captured by randomgirl1298
Clone Wars - Shadow of Malevolence by Moontowhee
May Maple - This Is The Pokemon Way by SuperHeroTimeFan
Jela Shapeshift Study by SWHyperlaneNomads
Anna Hurris by MiTexcel
Reunited after the war by MiTexcel
Holding up well, Captain by MiTexcel
Keldabe Kiss by Keldabe92
Orange Mandalorian by Keldabe92
Star Wars The Force Unleashed Sith Stalker costume by AraxussYexyr
Meanwhile on Tattooine by TheGodofCities1967
Star Wars LIT
[Season 2 Finale]TT:WotR Arc VIII Eye of Evil Pt.4Obi-Wan and Maul struck and struck at one another, with as much emotion and fury as their first duel on Naboo.They had moved throughout the castle now and were on the high walls that pertruted to the cliff ledge. “NHH….AHHH!” Grunted Maul as he struck at Obi-Wan. The Jedi Master deflected as he pressed Maul and force pushed him back. He chuckled a bit as he got up. “It’s all ready over Kenobi...the Brain has sent your precious friends down into the crypt of this castle..there they will find the stone and assure YOUR DESTRUCTION!” Obi-Wan remained silent as he deflected Maul’s strikes some more. “A won’t be alive to see it Maul.”The two lunged at each other once again as the stakes rose once again.--------------“Anakin, Soka!” Shook Raven at the two who groggily awoke. “NNggh...Rae?” Asked Ahsoka as Raven couldn’t help but smirk as she helpled the Tortugan up. “What happened? Where are we? And ARE YOU OKAY?” Asked Anakin as he got himself up.“Well…” said Raven going into depth about her experience. “And now we’re here...and need to get out of here asap.”Robin kicked at the door to no avail, leaving the team only one choice, to descend into the darkness of the crypt. Cobweb filled the area as old World War II and Third Reich Era gear and supplies scattered the place. The floors were littered with used bullets and small barricades had been erected all over the place. They came into a large and open hallway, which had several ascending floors. The room had a large fireplace, above it a large painting of a certain mustached dictator. Using a Starbolt, Starfire blasted the Fuhrer’s painting right in the face.“Ugly painting…” she softly said as they began to examine the room.“Something tells me this wasn’t just the Allies they were fighting.” Commented Cyborg as he looked at all the vast and scattered quantities of used ammunition. Starfire backed up against a wall, a decision she instantly regretted as she felt a bony arm fall upon her shoulder. “EEEEE!” She said shooting a Starbolt and nearly blasting Sabine’s head off. “Jeez...I just painted this.” Complained the Young Wren as she looked to her helmet which had been scratched from the rouge starbolt. “I am the sorry is that in this nasty place I felt a horrible and frightening decomposed limb touch my shoulder.” Squeaked Starfire floating next to Robin. “ mean THAT guy.” Pointed a creeped out Ahsoka to the skeletal remains of an SS Officer. Several limbs were missing from the skeleton, and a large black and green mark was stained along it’s bones. “If I were to guess, I say this guy was fighting to keep something in.” Said Anakin, notin at how the corpse was positioned, as well as all the barricades and MG-43’s.“This marking…” said Raven “it was made by a…”“Morgul Blade…” hissed a raspy voice behind the heroes. Seven wraith’s emerged, drawing their swords now and twirling them. Anakin activated his saber as did Ahsoka, Robin, Raven, Starfire, Sabine and Cyborg all getting in battle positions as the wraiths inched forwards. “Take the girl, kill the rest.” Said one of the Wraiths as the seven of them charged our heroes, a fight ensuing. Sabine blasted away as the Wraith’s seemed focused on her mainly. Anakin slashed away as his blue blade clashed with the spectral blade of one of the wraiths. Cyborg punched two away as Starfire and Robin used a tag team attack on the remaining three. The one facing Anakin managed to dodge one of his swings and approached Sabine. Time seemed to stop as he approached her. Sticking out his cold metal hand, he grabbed her and nearly froze her as she felt the raw power and evil radiating from his hand. It was so much so...she now passed out as the Wraith carried her out. The other ones slowly withdrew and followed their comrade.“Yeah you better run you PUNKS!” Yelled Cyborg as they had left. Raven however was nowhere near satisfied as she looked around and saw Sabine missing. She knew then that it was too seemed Sauron was winning this battle._________________Rose ducked the Witch-King’s blade as he swung at her once again. She hit back with her own katana, which in turn was only severed. “Poor child...your toy’s are no match for REAL weaponry.” Said the Witch-King as he now picked her up by the throat and threw her into a wall.Rose gasped for air as the Witch-King’s lackey picked her up and threw her to the ground. “ sicko’s won’t get away with this, good always wins.”“And who are YOU to talk about the goodness in men's souls?” Asked the Witch King, stepping his iron boot on her back. “Your conflict is so painfully obvious are not like your friends. They are are a cold heartless killer...and WILL ALWAYS REMAIN ONE.” Rose shut her opened as her mercenary and warrior instincts kicked in. Grabbing the Witch-King’s boot, she twisted it HARD and threw him to the ground. The second wraith went to Rose, but she dodged and redirected the blade right back into the wraiths ‘face’. It let out a horrific scream as it gripped under its hood. It has its own arcane and mystic weapon taking effect on it. Rose pushed it deeper as it now decayed and became nothing but a series of robes. The Witch-King had managed to get up by this point, and pulled out his own dagger, throwing it straight into Rose’s back!“GUUHHHH” She said as she felt the Morgul’s Blade dark silver penetrating her skin...leaking it’s evil influence into her. The Witch-King now went to pick up his own blade, and finish the job. However Rose was a step ahead. Ripping the Morgul Blade out from her back she now PELTED it right into the Witch-King’s ‘chest’. “GAHH!!” Went the once King of Angmar as Rose swooped in and picked up his blade. With one quick sweep...the Witch King was no more...his mask and robes falling. The ‘Crown of Angmar’ falling as well, showing that the Dark Lord’s days were waning.Rose panted and let out an evil smirk as she stood victorious over her fallen foes. Her glee then turned to doubt, and then to sorrow...and then to disgust as she fell to her knees, crying a bit now. The Witch-King’s words are still fresh in her mind.“You are a cold heartless will always remain one…”---------Obi-Wan was scarred all over and his robes were partially torn. Maul was in no better condition, his robes torn as well, and a few sparks were shooting from his robotic legs. They had fought their way to the top of Castle Wolfenstein and dueled on one of the last ledges before the castle became the mountain.Kenobi gave a quick twirl of his saber as the Sith Lord lunged at him. Obi-Wan simply stepped out of the way, Maul had overexerted and was not going off the ledge. While flying out of the way, Obi-Wan quickly swung his saber and cut a good chunk of Maul’s left leg off as he now went plummeting off the side and down the side of the Alpine fortress, hitting a few barriers and even smashing a few stones, Maul fell into the misty and snowy abyss that was the bottom of the mountain. Obi-Wan remained silent as he disengaged his saber and watched his old enemy what hopefully would be his doom.Content the Jedi Master walked away from the ledge. While he did think this was the end of Maul...a large part of his mind reminded him to NEVER make assumptions. A small part of him knew that this would not be the last time he would see Maul…
Star Wars, The Dead Planet, 2Once the door was down, Matt, and Mark rushed into the room their blasters aimed high ready to engage any hostile targets. Matt was the first one in, he cleared the center of the room as he rounded the door's thresh hold, and than immediately turned to clear his corner before occupying the space, weapon aimed at the center of the opposite room. Mark entered next, cleared the center of the room as he rounded the door's thresh hold before immedediatly turning to cover his corner before occupying the space, weapon aimed at the center of the opposite wall. Tiny was the last man in, and had the rear covered, and once he was in Mark called out "Clear". The room was cleared, and secured, no hostile, in fact, the room was completely empty. There was nothing in the room, no storage bins, no distinct features, nothing. The only thing that the room had going for its self was a hatch on the ceiling, more than likely leading to a building that was above them. With the room cleared, and secured Tiny gestured for the Regs, and Civilians to join them. The Commander walked straight to Matt saying, "Okay, now what Commander?" Matt looked up at the hatch saying, "Standard room clearing procedures. Room one is clear, now we move to room two... I hope there's a rope ladder or something on the other side of that hatch." He looked to Mark saying, "Mark, give me a boost, I'll open the hatch a crack, and get an eye for what's above us." Mark nodded, and got into position under the hatch, and than boosted Matt up to the hatch. Once the hatch was opened "just a crack" he looked around before saying, "It looks clear." He than completely opened the hatch, and climbed his way up. There was a moment of silence before he said down to the rest, "It's all clear up here. Lets start by sending the Regs up, than the Civilians, than you two." A few moments later, and Mat and one of the Regs were helping Tiny through the hatch. Once through, Tiny closed the hatch and got his first good look at the building they found themselves in. Like the tunnel room they just climbed out of, the building was fairly spares, but looked to have been a small warehouse, or vehicle storage as there was a lot of empty space, an area that was stained black from oil spills, and storage shelfs lining the walls with boxes of spare parts, and other storage bins. Higher up, a series of windows lined near to the top of the walls with catwalks along with them. The quickly fanned out with Tiny and the other ARCs taking point with the Regs staying close to the Civilians. As most of the Regs, and Civilians quietly sift through the supplies looking for anything useful, Tiny, the Other ARCs, and the Commander headed up a ladder taking them to the catwalks which granted them access to the windows, and what they saw made their day a whole lot worse. Surrounding the building a sturdy perimeter wall, and within the perimeters of the walls was more piles of storage bins, vehicle maintenance pits, as well as what appeared to be a fully enclosed, eight legged mining walker. It was fairly large and from what Tiny could see it was still working, and they were going to need it if they were going to get through the massive horde of Monsters that surrounded the building. They stood there for a solid few minutes just listening to the distance cries, roars, and moans being emanated by the creatures. Tiny looked down at the others with a few of the Regs giving him a "are we fucked?" look which he shrugged at gesturing 'kinda' with his hand. He than turned back to the others, Mark was pressed up against the window looking up at the sky saying, "Yup, the three Republic cruisers are still there, in fact, it looks like they entered the upper atmosphere, though I doubt they'll be landing." Matt nodded saying, "I'm not surprised, I bet they got all kinda of reports flooding back to them when the evacuations were overrun." He turned to the Commander saying, "When was the last time you, or anyone in command had communication to those cruisers?" The Commander pondered before saying, "About a day or so ago. Our Jedi General was briefing them of our, than, current situation. He ordered a no-fly order only allowing checked, and cleared shuttles off the planet and to the cruisers. The last shuttle that left was around 09:30 two days ago. I figured you were in communication with the cruisers when you landed." Matt nodded. "Good assumption, but with the CIS planet wide jammer blocking all coms, we couldn't get through. We tried to approach the cruisers, letting them know our desire to dock, but none of them opened up. It makes since now knowing they were ordered against such actions." Mark butted in saying, "Well that's all good and stuff, but we need a new plan. Particularly, a plan that gets us through that horde." Tiny scuffed, "What we need to do first is figure out where we are." He walked over tot he railing and shouted down tot he other Regs, "Has anyone found a map, or anything that says where we are?" A few of the Regs were surrounding something that Tiny couldn't make out, with the Civilians when one of them said, "Yeah, but that's not all we found. You guys should come have a look."...
The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter Ch. 107- Chapter 107 - Before the Battle Nomi looked at her youngest son, removed the headset and stood up. “Ask everybody to come into the hangar.” Then she turned on her heels and made her way to where the members of her Resistance cell would gather soon. While walking she heard her son’s voice over the speaker system. Lando was right, it was now or never. This was their only chance to end the terror which was spread by the First Order over the galaxy and to prevent what might come by the Emperor himself. When she entered the hangar the members of her Resistance cell were gathered already. It was the usual hubbub to be heard, while she made her way through the crowd. Her family was standing in the first row as usual. The tension was almost palpable, since they were only gathered if major events were looming. Nomi climbed up the crate standing in front of the crowd and commanded silence with a hand signal. It took a while until there was silence and she begun to speak. “I have information that a major strike against the First Order and the Emperor is imminent.” The hubbub begun anew after the Emperor was mentioned by the commander. Nomi knew that that news would cause excitement. The Resistance had fought the First Order for years and now there seemed to be the opportunity to end it once and for all. The Jedi Master commanded silence again and continued to speak. “General Calrissian contacted us and asked if we would take part in this mission. I agreed. He sent us the coordinates where to meet with the strike force he assembled. From there we will see how it goes.” Then Dash Rendar climbed on the crate and stood at his wife’s side looking at those he had fought alongside. He was well aware that this battle would be their last chance. Dash took the word, after he cast a glance at Nomi who nodded her head. “We know neither how many fighters General Calrissian was able to assemble, nor how strong the enemy forces will be, which we’re about to take on. The odds could be worse.” Some of those gathered chuckled, well knowing that Dash as a Corellian didn’t care for the odds. Dash continued to speak when the chuckles faded away. “We don’t know where we will fight, but we will do our best.” With a nod he gave the floor to his wife again and leaped down the crate. The commander cleared her throat, before speaking. “We will prepare for battle right after this gathering; that’s all for now. I expect you to be ready to go in two standard hours.” The Resistance members scattered and headed for their fighters and ships. All of them were eager to take part and to make their vessels battle ready. It wasn’t much they had to add to Calrissian’s strike force, but the Galactic Civil War veterans among them recalled that it wasn’t always the firepower, but the determination that mattered. The asteroid’s hangar bay was like an Alderaanian bee hive. Ammunition for the board cannons was loaded and the hangar crew fueled the ships and fighters. Two standard hours later every pilot was ready to enter their vessels and to launch. There were embraces and farewells, since nobody could know if they would come back. Nomi was walking up the ramp and entered the Aquarius followed by Corran, her youngest son; the one of her children who had suffered the most during this undeclared war. The commander had said goodbye to her husband who would join in battle with the Outrider, with Dash Jr. and Biggs onboard. When Nomi looked out of the cockpit she saw Tasherit and Jaden enter the Trader’s Luck and Tarik climbing in his X-wing. She made the preflight check while Corran was feeding the coordinates provided by Lando Calrissian in the nav computer. When everything was set she started the engines and launched, followed by the other vessels one by one. After reaching the jump point the Resistance fighters entered hyperspace leaving their save haven behind, not knowing if they would ever come back there. When they fell back in real space at the given coordinates, after a long and uneventful journey through hyperspace, they saw what they hadn’t expected. Lando Calrissian had amassed the biggest strike force the galaxy had ever seen. Ships and fighters of all sizes and shapes were floating in space, its pilots waiting for the signal to move to where the battle would take place. Nomi was hailed by one of them and she was astonished to hear a voice she hadn’t heard in decades. '"Aquarius, this is the Millennium Falcon, good to have you and your people with us.” She answered the call and was unable to hide her joy. “Wedge Antilles, is this really you? I thought you are retired.” There was a chuckle to be heard, before her old friend answered. “Frankly there were some recent events which caused me to leave behind my lazy life of a retired guy. I might be too old to fly an X-wing, but my eyes are still sharp enough to be Lando’s gunner.” “Either way, Wedge, it’s good to have you with us, old friend,” the Jedi Master replied. “May the Force be with you. I hope we have time for a chat after the battle.” “I hope the same, Nomi. May the Force be with all of us,” Wedge’s response came. Nomi cut the connection and looked over the ships gathered; they must have been from all over the galaxy. It was an impressive sight, but would it be enough against the combined forces of the First Order and Palpatine’s Empire reborn? They would learn it soon. After several hours of waiting and even more ships and fighters following the ragtag fleet, Lando got finally the signal he was waiting for. He relayed the jump coordinates to the other pilots and shortly after they made the jump to hyperspace one by one with their destination Exegol.
Comic strips
Fateful Meeting - Page 10 by TheIllusiveMan90
Queen of Bluebird x King of Phoenix by AliceLuvsMirai
Fateful Meeting - Page 9 by TheIllusiveMan90
Prologue p6 by BlueElk
WIP Artwork
Stormtrooper by Grogu52
The Phantom Apprentice - The Duel by SuperHeroTimeFan
My New LEGO Ahsoka Figure by SuperHeroTimeFan
The Mandalorian Blaster Pistol (DIY) by FoammX


Princess Kim and Sith Lord Drakken by FitzOblong
Carasynthia Dune A by MironishiN
Darth Maul Knockoff by spiderxand
Krennic by R-Valle


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"Dex, are you sure this is a good idea? What if the Jedi find us?" a young girl with cherry colored hair asked.
Dex, a slightly older girl with with white hair and black tips sighed. "Sora, we are going to be okay. As long as we can stay quiet, we'll finally learn the Jedi mind trick Neo has been dying to learn! Besides, it could come in handy if any Jedi spot us before we leave Coruscant."
The other girl, Sora, sighed and nodded. "Okay. You're right."
Sora's twin brother, Ace, crawled up next to Sora. "What's the plan again?"
Dex tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "We break into the archives, learn what we can about manipulating peoples minds, and get the kriff outta here!"
"Is this where we are now?" Neo piped up, adjusting the stolen clone trooper armor he wore, "Its so massive."
Ace's eyes darted around the massive library-like archives "Yeah, unless you know this place by heart, getting lost seems like something that happens more times than not."
Dex glanced left and right a few times, then darted across the room, gesturing for the others to follow after another quick glance left and right. Closing her eyes, Dex reached out with the force, navigating the library without moving a muscle. "The data on Jedi mind tricks are near the computers. There's not much, but I guess that makes sense, considering these kind of teachings are passed from Master to Padawan."
"Well, we'll take what we can get." Sora spoke.
Meanwhile, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka were walking down the halls of the temple to meet with the other Jedi. Master Yoda had called them up to discuss an important matter.
"Masters." Ahsoka greeted once they had reached the others.
"What was it you wanted to discuss, Master Yoda?" Obi-Wan asked.
"A foreign presence in the archives, there is." Yoda explained.
Anakin's eyes widened "What?! Who is it? Why are they here?!" he demanded
"We aren't sure." Mace Windu admitted, "However, whoever it is, or whatever, does not seem to be posing any sort of a threat. We have reason to believe that it may be force sensitive children seeking training, for it is not a dark presence, but not a light presence either."
"So... you want us to investigate?" Ahsoka questions.
Yoda nodded. "Find this presence, you must. Bring them to us, you shall."
"Seems easy enough." Anakin remarked.
Obi-Wan gave Anakin a look. "Don't be so quick to decide that, Anakin. For all we know, it could be separatists on some sort of espionage mission. Don't let your guard down." he instructed, turning around and walking in the direction of the archives.
Anakin rolled his eyes and followed his master, followed by Ahsoka.
"Why can't I get this right?!"
As the four kids were leaving, data on lightsaber combat techniques had caught Dex's eye, and immediately she pounced on the opportunity to learn. Dex owned a double edged split saber, one side being black while the other was white. Dex didn't know what the colors meant, but she didn't really care; she just thought it looked cool, considering the colors matched her hair. She knew the basics of lightsaber combat, but she never accepted just the basics. Because of that, here she was, failing miserably at an advanced combat technique she was a bit too eager to learn.
"Don't be so hard on yourself, Dex!" Neo spoke, "You just started using a lightsaber like, a year ago, nobody's expecting you to-"
"I expect me to!" Dex interrupted, "How are we going to prove that force wielders don't need to be a Jedi or Sith to be strong! How are we going to bring balance to the force if I can't get a simple lightsaber technique right?!"
"What Neo is saying, is that you need to stop stressing over such a small thing. Nobody's perfect, and neither are you! The sooner you come to terms with that, the easier it'll be for you to master this move." Ace explained.
Dex sighed and deactivated her sabers, reconnecting the conjoining hilts. "I guess you're right. Maybe I am being a bit too hard on myself. I'm just stressed out, is all."
"See, doesn't that feel better?" Ace comforted. Then, he looked over at his sister, who was meditating in the corner with a look of distress on her face. "Sora, what are you doing?"
Sora's eyes shot open. "Jedi are coming. We need to leave, now!"
Dex gasped and nodded. "Alright. Sora, Ace, Neo, follow me!" Dex jogged over to where they had entered, and held open the small vent opening, letting them go through."
"What about you?" Sora asked, noticing that Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka had entered and were walking towards Dex.
"I'll be fine, just go!" Dex commanded, slamming the vent shut.
"Whatever you're doing, stop!" Obi-Wan said, staring at Dex.
Approaching the trio, Dex rose her arms up in surrender. "Looks like you caught me." She noted, sarcastically, "Congratulations."
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