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Deviation Actions

Lost my job today, so I'm opening up my commission requests again for custom action figures, so if you're looking to get any work done PLEASE let me know!!
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dA--bogeyman's avatar
You make wonderful custom figures, very impressive.

I am a Blob (Marvel Comics) fan/collector. There isn't much around on him and I have everything made (a few figures, one mini bust, etc) and most of the time they make him look fat + dumb (eating or sitting on people) when in the comics he is a menacing super-villain able to throw around semi-trucks (can lift 70 tons) and it takes whole teams (like all the X-Men or X-Force or Avengers) to stop him.

I would be interested in a Blob custom figure looking more menacing then he usually looks in figure form. Here are a few pieces of art I had commissioned here on dA through my other profile to show what I mean [link] [link]
starwarsgeekdotnet's avatar
Hmmm... that would be interesting. I currently have several commissions to finish up, and I'm battling an eye infection which makes any kind of painting or artwork kind of tough right now. But I'll check around and see what kind of parts are available for me to create something like that. What scale are you looking for? Marvel Legends (6"), Marvel Universe (3.75/4")? Thanks!
dA--bogeyman's avatar
Thanks, that's fine I am in no hurry (hope your eye gets better). Marvel Universe (3.75/4") figure would be sweet.