A pet peeve I have regarding some art sites

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I have a very firm beef with sites that censor posts of people speaking out/up for themselves regarding things that happen to them. EVERYONE has the right to speak their mind, however some sites infringe upon this.

FurAffinity is one of the biggest offenders. I wanted to speak my mind about being falsely accused by someone of something when my intentions were pure. I even put solid proof of my claims up. What did they do?

They removed my journal post citing "harassment." I made a simple, non-violent callout about a conflict between me and another artist. Not once did I call for people to berate him. How the hell is that harassment? They might also cite slander. SLANDER DOES NOT COME WITH HARD EVIDENCE!

In a nutshell, they apparently hate the first amendment. Not only this, they, in my opinion, are harboring tyrant artists (Greedy artists who are way too full of pride and blacklist anyone if they so much as look at them wrong.)

I have a few callouts on my LBRY channel, Troll Hunter Youtube, so check them out when you can. But anyway, I am a very honest person and when I demand justice, I do not let ANYTHING go until I get it. That's just how I am.

What is your thoughts? Feel free to comment below.

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