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Unwavering Courage In 2021 (ICANN)

By StarWars888
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I have watched this person for over a year now, and I now know how much of an egomaniac he is. Some of his words include "I don't care if people think I'm being harsh. This crap drives me crazy." Not only this, but he viciously gloats on "victory" over a "thief."

He says: "Fuck you! Fuck the thief me and my fans recently dealt with. THIS CHARACTER BELONGS TO ME!!!" He says all this, yet he so proudly calls himself a christian and says God bless in his journals. He even has the christian-furs icon on his profile.

I honestly want to throw up.

Not only is this person ego-driven, but he's also a liar. I am not like that. I earned the title of christian by being a friend to everyone and showing kindness from the bottom of my heart. Even in 2021, I refuse to back down. I have the heart of a lion and will not stop pursuing justice until I get it. FurAffinity will not allow callouts, unfortunately, which I think is wrong, since it seems to protect the criminals.

I will stand my ground and hold fast in what I believe is right. It makes me glad to have all of you wonderful friends and fans. God bless!

For the full pic, visit LBRY and search for 888Collective.


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Huh, that Courage seems like he's kinda dickhole. Let's hope he will be gone in future.

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Dear god.

That's a lot.

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Indeed. I'm the first to connect all those dots.

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Hey, I found time to read that whole thing and I think that you should forget about him. His bullshit and egomania are not worth your time and/or effort.

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I would, but here's the thing. I admired him for years, and for him to shatter my heart into pieces, I can't let him do that to more unsuspecting souls.

I am an honest person, and I fight for the well-being of everyone.

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Hol up. I was in VERY similar situation as you did. Before I made DA account I found out about account named wsache2020. He was making awesome (and unfortunately NSFW) art and I admired and aspired to be like him.

His image shattered in my eyes the moment I discovered that he's a pedo and zoophile.

I hate that guy, but I don't want to talk about that, bc I want to keep myself drama-free and that his fans would do some stupid shit if I would talked about that.

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You probably won't like what I have to say about matters such as that.

Most will just put up a wall and brand the other person without stopping to think deeply about it.

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