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South Park The Stick Of Truth - The Lich King (Me)

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Kyle: Clyde's army is to much for even out best forces to handle.
Cartman: Then we have no choice... We must call upon the aid of... The Lich King.
Kyle: Y... You're not serious. You can't be.
Cartman: You got any better ideas? ...No? Come on, King Douchebag, it is time to confront the lich king.

*At the cemetary gate*

Stan: The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it. The way is shut.
Cartman: We've come this far. Might as well go on in.

*A little later*

Lich King: Who enters my domain?
Kyle: It is the propheseid king, we require your aid defeat Clyde and his army of darkness.
Lich King: The dead do not suffer the living to pass.
Cartman: Dude, we need your help to take out Clyde's army, it's that fucking simple.
Lich King: *Draws sword* none but the king may command me.

Battle Condition: Only the player character can damage the Lich King.
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