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Smexual 14

By StarWars888
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Appearances: Kaos, Billy, Orthopox, Moxxie, Zim, Rodney, Razputin, Daggett

Quotes: (Razputin) *Snorts cocaine* Ughh... Thhhisss issss jussst... (Voice) Razputin. (Razputin) Yooouu looook lllikke thhee cooootttoonn caaaannnnddyyy... (Voice) RaAaAaAzZpUuUuUuUtIiIiInNn. (Razputin) Iiii'llll taaakkee thhee boooyyydd. *Smack* (Moxxie) WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!, (Daggett) I found it! Prepare to meet, Toejam & Earl *Playing game*, (Moxxie) Screw this, I'm getting a beer. *Drinks Budwesier* Ahh, I could use another one of those. *Drinks a bunch* *Drunk gibberish*, (Kaos) Smashing property and less evil. (Billy) And I'm as hungry as a gay bird juggling chickens on the fourth of july. *Stubs Toe* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!! (Pox) Actually, I want you to *Fast reverse talk*. (Moxxie) Are you fu- *Burps* fucking me!? (Pox) OF COURSE I AM, YOU MUTATION! NOW GO!
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Richard Steven Horvitz
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Wasn't he also on KND as crayon boy?
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It seems so. I was unaware of crayon kid and used only the ones I knew.