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[Satire] REBirth of a Nation [READ DESCRIPTION!!!]

By StarWars888
I in no way, shape or form am promoting racism nor hate against african americans. This satirical pic's intention is to speak out against the domestic terrorism BLM has been involved in.

It is a protest pic.


What you are seeing now is Black Lives Matter for who they are. They've become the very thing they swore to destroy.

Places around the United States have begun segregating white people. Things are getting worse.

To any on who views this, black, white, red, yellow, jew, gentile, etc. I pray you stay safe in the days ahead.
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Nice Satire Image. It's great to see that there are people like you who see BLM for the terrorist organization they really are. I see BLM as a terrorist organization to. They're not helping the African American community they are destroying it. It's so bad, that even African Americans themselves don't like BLM. Heck, not even C.O.R.E. (The Congress of Racial Equality) likes them. Heck, I'd go as far say that CORE has done more for the different minority groups then BLM ever has. Heck, CORE's current leader (Niger Roy Innis) is a Republican just like me and I think you.

BLM is a disgrace to Humans of ALL colors, religions, etc. It's something that Malcolm X would support and not MLK Jr. If MLK Jr. were still alive, He'd be disappointed in what BLM has done for the human race.

Keep up the good fight against The Klan with The Tan. We need more Good upstanding citizens like you at a time like this.

StarWars888's avatar

Thanks. It's good to see people who have the same opinion as me.

KryptoRingPublishing's avatar

I know. BTW, I herd you have Aspergers Syndrome. I have Aspergers Syndrome to.

StarWars888's avatar

Nice. Great to meet a fellow aspie. 🧩

KryptoRingPublishing's avatar

Yup. I’m a co-writer on a Fan Fiction series I do with Andrew Raposo (AKA Classicgamer9821999 ) called “Sonic New Worlds”. Basically, It’s about Sonic & The Freedom Fighters coming to our world in the Early 1980’s and making some BIG changes to it like ending The Cold War earlier, Saving Princess Diana from dying in a car crash, saving 2Pac & Biggie from getting shot, stopping 9/11 from ever happening, stopping COVID-19 from spreading, etc.

If you wanna check out the series for yourself, here’s a link to ALL 55 chapters of SNW. Enjoy! And me know your thoughts on it later okay. 🙂🙂🙂

StarWars888's avatar

Can't have enough of those these days. Fanfics are some of the greatest novels on the web.

KryptoRingPublishing's avatar

Indeed they are. I think you’ll love Sonic New Worlds. It pretty much is what me & Andrew think a Unified Sonicverse with ALL the characters from the Games, SatAM, Archie, AOSTH, Underground, Fleetway, X, Boom, IDW, OVA, The 2020 Movie, etc. would be like. Remember, Unification & Integration makes people stronger while Separation & Segregation makes people weak. Unification & Integration is Good while Separation & Segregation is Bad.

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Stay safe they give me new badge btw

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I think those trolls that you caught will make excellent kebabs
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