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OC - Leostar



Name: Leostar - Lester Rodriguez
Age: 1,427
Height: 6'4
Weight: 345
Species: Lion
Sex: Male
Preference: Bisexual (Male Leaning)
Hometown: Unknown
Alignment: Good
Franchise: DCK
Bio: A dark mage whom has lived countless ages, spends his life trying to protect humanity from dark forces, while also living countless lifetimes and outliving friends and family, tends to cut himself off from humanity, as there is nothing they can offer him other than a great night. Still they are his people and the planet is his home, and he chooses to do anything he can to protect it so long as he breathes, he joined the Lust-ice League because he believes in their cause. He mostly practices with dark magic, his magic usually require sacrificing a random object to activate and he always chooses the clothes he wears, leaving him naked in battle all the time, when it runs out, he sacrifices his teammates clothes and if lucky, his enemies’, his costume usually consists of a purple and white tuxedo.

Co-Creator - :iconjustin727:


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