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Lemon Twist - Hawaiian Tour (Live In Honolulu, HI)



LUAU! We're all the way over in the island state of Hawaii, jammin' with killer surf rock tunes.

Lead Guitar & Vocals - Me
Wingman - :SlasH19872018:
Rhythm Guitar - Panther Lily
Bass Guitar - Crunch (Crash Bandicoot)
Synthesizer - Johnny Bravo & Ryu
Drums - King Hippo
Saxophone - Knuckles
Maracas - Ken
Additional Vocals - Panther Lily, Crunch, Knuckles, Johnny Bravo, Lt. M'Ress, Callie Briggs, Goku, Vegeta, Ryu & Ken

Song List

1. Cecilia Ann (The Surftones)
2. Baja (The Astronauts)
3. Failsafe (The Original Surfaris)
4. Squad Car (The Bel Airs)
5. Surfin' Hootenanny (Al Casey & The K-C-Ettes)
6. Mozart Stomp (The Ramblers)
7. California Surfer (Dee D. Hope)
8. Misirlou (Dick Dale & The Del-Tones)
9. Inertia (The Hustlers)
10. R.P.M. (The Four Speeds)
11. Moondawg (Rhythm Rockers)
12. Let There Be Surf (The Chevells)
13. Moon Shot (Kenny & The Fiends)
14. Red Sunrise (Space Cossacks)
15. Sheriff Of Chinatown (The Treblemakers)
16. Sleeper (The Trashmen)
17. Graveyard (The Phantom Five)
18. Scramble (The Hollywoods)
19. Flashin' Red (The Esquires)
20. Snake Eyes (The Losers)
21. & 22. Whirlpool & Beatnik Bandit (The Volcanoes)
23. Custer's Stomp (The Scouts)
24. Telstar (The Tornadoes)
25. Scrub Bucket (Johnny & The Cyclones)
26. Cloudburst (The Kan Dells)
27. Drums A Go-Go (Sandy Nelson)
28. Quasimoto (The Roadrunners)
29. Hot Rod High (The Hondells)
30. The Little Old Lady From Pasadena (Jan & Dean)
31. Surfin' Safari (The Beach Boys)
32. Devil's Punchbowl (Black Flamingoes)

[Bonus Encore Songs]
{SlasH19872018's Lineup}
Surfin' Spooks (The Ghastly Ones)
Moonshine Runners (Light Strucks)
Black Hole (Dirty Fuse)
Change In The Water (The Infrareds)
Creepshow (Gein and the Graverobbers)
Nitro (Dick Dale)
Banzai (The Chantays)
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