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Lemon Twist - Halloween 2021 (Providence, RI)



It's All Hallow's Eve once more. Me and the gang are ready to scare up some killer riffs.

Lead Guitar - Me
Wingman - :iconslash19872018:
Rhythm Guitar - Blitzo (Helluva Boss) & Moxxie (Helluva Boss)
Bass - Satan (Manual Samuel)
Keyboard - Stolas (Helluva Boss) & Millie (Helluva Boss)
Drums - Loona (Helluva Boss)
Additional Vocals - Verosika (Helluva Boss), Satan, Blitzo, Moxxie, Stolas, Millie & Loona

Song List

Intro: Call of the Zombie

1., 2. & 3. Superbeast, American Witch, House of 1000 Corpses (Rob Zombie)
4. & 5. Electric Head Part 1 & 2 (White Zombie)
6. Man That You Fear (Marylin Manson)
7. Halloween (Helloween)
8. Trick Or Treat (Fastway)
9. Tormentor (W.A.S.P.)
10. & 11. Halloween I & II (The Misfits)
12. Wake Up Dead (Megadeath)
13. The Evil That Men Do (Iron Maiden)
14. Unholy (KISS) [Lead by Stolas & Blitzo]
15. & 16. Black Sabbath & Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath)
17. Run For Your Life (Grim Reaper)
18. Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne)
19. Burning The Witches (Warlock)
20., 21. & 22. Haulin' Hearse, Target: Draculon w/ Intro & Flying Saucers Over Van Nuys (The Ghastly Ones)
23. & 24. The Cave Part I & II (Gary "Spider" Webb) [Sung by Moxxie & Millie]
25. R.I.P. (Zombie Ghost Train)
26. Tales Of Halloween (Jimmy Psycho)
27. Dracula's Tango (Toto Coleo) [Lead by Loona]
28. Dead Pop Stars (Altered Images)
29. Thriller (Michael Jackson)
30. Things That Go Bump In The Night (The Allstars) [Lead by Verosika]
31. The Killing Moon (Echo & The Bunnymen)
32. The Phantom Of The Opera (Sarah Brightman & Steve Harley) [Sung by Blitzo & Verosika]
33. Haunted House of Rock (Whodini)
34. Armies Of The Night (SPARKS)
35. Something in My House (Dead Or Alive)
36. & 37. Painkiller & Hell Patrol (Judas Priest) [Lead by Satan]
38. 2 Minutes to Midnight (Iron Maiden)
39. Evil Dead (Death)
40. Dead Men Tell No Tales (Motörhead)
41. Eating the Cannibals (Heaven & Hell)
42. Hallowed Ground (Night Demon)
43. Salem's Curse (October 31)
44. Dead in Hollywood (Murder Dolls)
45. Immortal Corrupter (GWAR)

[Bonus Encore Songs]
{SlasH19872018's Lineup}
Nightcrawler (Judas Priest)
See You In Hell (Grim Reaper)
Night Of The Werewolf (Lee Kristofferson)
Von Kreep's Theme (The Legendary Invisible Men)
Retribution (The Nebulas)
I Wanna Dig Up Bela Lugosi (The 3-D Invisibles)
Strollin' After Dark (The Shades)
I Was A Teenage Werewolf (The Cramps)
Disco Halloween (Forbidden Fruits)
Bogey Man (The Moontrekkers)
Beware (Bill Buchanan)
Ghost Guitars (Baron Daemon & The Vampires)
Devil Of The Fire (Magic Mail)
Alien (Nostromo)
Count Dracula (The Rockin' Continentals)
Leave Me In Autumn (The Scars)
Monster Movie (Richard Bone)
You Can't Hide From The Beast Inside (Autograph)
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