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Freak Fortress 2 - Preacher

By StarWars888
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"Ze hurting leaves little time for ze healing." -Preacher

Preacher is a medic who's goal is to cleanse the earth of all evil.


He is dressed in a black stole, similar to what a catholic priest would wear, with purple collar and a gold cross on each side. He wears a Grimm Hatte and Exorcizor. His Byte'd Beak is quite unique, sporting stained glass lenses, red crosses akin to that of the knights templar, and the Seal of God painted upon the forehead. He is never seen without a bible and most times is seen reading it whilst sitting down somewhere.


He possesses supernatural, religious powers, such as the ability to teleport from place to place via a lightning bolt. One of his primary powers is Seed of the Lamb, which fires a green energy bolt at an enemy and causing a fully grown olive tree to burst from various extremities. A variation of this, Crucifixion, fires a yellow bolt, causing a giant wooden to spring forth instead of an olive tree. His secondary is The Radiant Hand, casting a bright white light at an enemy, incinerating them.

His body is so pure, contact with him bearing even a hint of sin, will burn the enemy's skin. It's 100% disease-resistant and impervious to physical and energy attacks. One of the powers he uses less often is The Penance Flash. A bright flash shoots from his stained glass lenses, blinding the enemy. Suddenly, the enemy's "eyes are opened" and appear to stare off into space, most times curled up in the fetal position, reflecting on the horrible deeds they've done. A bible is given to them, in which they thank Preacher.

Theme: Memorial of the Fallen Ones (Demon's Crest)…
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