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Rap Battle - Legoshi VS. Lugosi

Rap Battle - Lance VS. Neil

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Woman Yelling At Cat - Furries VS. Hentai

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Furry Ally - Doomslayer

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Furry Ally - Doomslayer


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HungoTheNomster: What kind of a monster are you!?


Woman Yelling At Cat - Furries VS. Hentai

Veteran Gamer

Fighting Skorne

[Meme] Modern Day Pharisees

Furry Ally - Doomslayer

Creepypasta: Solitary Pocket Shelba


Creepypasta: Solitary Pocket Shelba

Solitary Pocket Shelba. Some of you may be wondering what in heaven’s name this is, as the very sound of it is strange enough as it is. I’ll tell you. Solitary Pocket Shelba was the username of a very active right-wing activist on Twitter, a popular social media platform on the internet. He or she would often post links to alternative media outlets, such as Infowars, X22, PragerU, Project Veritas or any other source reporting on the conspiracies worldwide. I myself am a loyal follower of these news outlets and for the longest time, me and Shelba have been the best of friends. We have always had a great time together, chatting on Discord and weaving as much satire as we could to poke fun at the globalist clown show, having a good laugh at the same time. We were both fans of Alex Jones and seemed well suited to one another. Things were always as they seem… but then, an incident occurred that, to this day, still chills me to the bone. About six months ago, we stumbled upon a


Fighting For Internet Freedom

You Are The Resistance

Stage Persona - The Keymaster

Lemon Twist - Neon Dreams

Lemon Twist - St. Paul, MN

Lemon Twist - Pulling An Angus Young

Lemon Twist - Christmas Tour

Lemon Twist - Novelty Tour (Live In Boise, ID)

Lemon Twist - Psychobilly Tour

Lemon Twist - ( Live In Los Angeles, CA)

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I'm an avid artist with a lot of ideas to share. A native of the North Star State and a veteran in media.

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I nearly destroyed myself. I had made an image to poke fun at anti-semites, but I had used unpleasent imagery and when I realized this, I had to act quickly.I replaced the image with one that isn't harsh, but at the moment, I'm badly shaken after bei...

ArtSpacious is on the rise

ArtSpacious is on the rise

With many bailing on DeviantArt after the Eclipse layout change, I may have to upload to additional platforms. ArtSpacious is one of them:

The power of the decentralized web

The power of the decentralized web

We've all heard about it for quite some time, but very few know of the power it holds over the regular internet. Decentralized websites have no central power governing it, which means any site created by someone, that person and that person only has sole power over it. For instance, if they want to voice their opinion on something, nothing can ever remove it from the site, because that user is the sole owner. I have created a blog on the decentralized web for purposes such as this. Paper Hat Society (ZeroNet):

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