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The Force is with our all our members, be they from Tatooine or beyond the farthest system.

Tired of groups chock-full of fan characters and twi'lek pornography? Well, this is the group for you! We only allow canon characters and we keep it all PG13.
Our Star Wars group is ever-growing and holds contests pretty regularly. So you want a place to get your fix, this is it!

:bulletred: We do not accept OCs (original, non-canon characters)
:bulletred: We do nor accept fan pairings. Only canon couples.
:bulletred: We do not accept anti Star Wars art of any type. (if you dislike the prequels or sequels, etc. Go complain about it elsewhere)
:bulletred: We do not accept nudity or any "R rated" work.
Founded 8 Years ago
Aug 5, 2010


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Fan Club

5,443 Members
4,991 Watchers
197,761 Pageviews
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:bulletblue: First Place :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Second Place :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Third Place :bulletblue:


Thanks to all who entered, favorited and commented on the entries!
If you're one of the the winners, be sure to scroll down and claim your prizes in the prize section!


:bulletblue: Concept  :painter:

Solo: a Star Wars Story

For this contest you will be drawing/writing fanart or fan fiction for Solo: A Star Wars Story!
The theme is pretty broad so there are also challenge points you can win below.

:iconattention-plz: If you didn't like the movie, don't bother to comment or attempt to derail the contest in any way. Please go elsewhere to complain.

- Create a fanwork for Solo: A Star Wars Story

- No OCs allowed in this contest.

- The regular rules of our group still apply to the contest. Be sure to review them!

- Crossovers with other franchises are NOT allowed. Only Star Wars characters in this contest, please. And no My Little Ponies, either.

- No fan pairings. Only canon, please.

- Do not submit an old work of art. It must be new and created after this contest was put up [June 10th, 2018]

- Do not copy the work of somebody else. Your art must be completely your own. (No tracing and no bases will be allowed.)

- Manipulation of screenshots will NOT be allowed in the contest.

- Any medium is acceptable. YES. Writing is allowed.

- You may have up to 3 entries.

- Keep it clean. No fetishes or nudity are allowed in this group.

- You may enter the contest even if you're not a member.

- Please mention this contest in the description of your deviation so that we know it's made for the contest. If you submit an artwork to the contest folder and you don't mention that it's for the contest, we will remove it.

- When you're done, post a comment with a link to your entry here, and we'll add it to the list.

- We've created a folder for our new contest in the gallery called, "Contest 18 - Solo: A Star Wars Story". Be sure to submit there.

- When the contest is over, we'll put up a blog with all the entries on it, and the members will vote on which ones they think is best.

- If you have any additional questions, either comment here, note the club, or note the owner (DrZime)

:star: Bonus Points  :star: Each of these is worth +5 to your popular vote score:
:bulletred: Include a newcomer in your artwork or fiction. (Qi'ra, Val, Dryden, Beckett, Rio, L3, etc.)
:bulletred: Include a specific locale from the movie in your artwork or fiction.
:bulletred: Include an item of importance in your artwork or fiction (dice, sabaac cards, coaxium fuel, etc.)
:bulletred: Leave meaningful comments on all of the entries (must be at least two sentences and pertain to the art itself). Example of a bad comment: "Great! I love this movie!", Example of a good comment: "I love how you drew Han here. His pose is very dynamic and suiting of his character."

:bulletblue: Prizes  :winner:

Three winners will be chosen by popular vote. If we get up to 20 entries, a judge's section will be added for three more winners.
If you're interested in doing an art request for one or more of the winners, just note or comment here! Even a sketch would be great!
If you're willing to donate a subscription to one of the winners, just let us know!

:bulletyellow: First Place winner Gets:

- A request art of your choice from: skinlela
- A drawing request (colored sketch) from: xHybridus
- A llama badge and a +watch from: MasterOf4Elements
Your entry will be added to the club's Winner's Section. (Our favorites)

:bulletyellow: Second Place winner Gets:

- A drawing request (colored sketch) from: xHybridus
- A llama badge and a +watch from: MasterOf4Elements
Your entry will be added to the club's Winner's Section. (Our favorites)

:bulletyellow: Third Place winner gets:

- A drawing request (colored sketch) from: xHybridus
- A llama badge and a +watch from: MasterOf4Elements
Your entry will be added to the club's Winner's Section. (Our favorites)

:bulletblue: Deadline  :boing:

July 31st, 2018

There won't be a deadline extension unless we have a lack of entries. Use your time wisely and don't procrastinate!

01.) post kessel run falcon  diorama 2 by Cutecurvymichelle

02.) Battle of Mimban [SFM 4K] by MatchboxSFM +5 (locale)

03.) han,qi'ra and chewie from solo a star wars story by Cutecurvymichelle +5 (locale)

04.) han and chewie first lay eyes on the falcon by Cutecurvymichelle +5 (locale)

05.) The Warmest FeelingHan Solo stared up at the colorful auroras over Vandor-1. The night air was cold, but the young twenty-year-old felt something warm inside. Was it the flask of whiskey Beckett had given him or something else? Hope maybe?
That was something he hadn’t felt for a very long time.
Han thought back to his childhood, when his late father filled his head with ideas that one day he would take their family out of the slums of Corellia. Unfortunately, that never happened and Han was orphaned before the age of ten. Han wondered if his mother and father were proud of him. He wondered how different his life would be now had his father’s dreams been successful.
“Beautiful night, ain’t it,” Han said, hearing Chewbacca soft growls as the Wookie stepped up behind him. “You know I’ve never seen snow before. Have you?”
Chewbacca let out a few howls, sharing a memory of the snowy mountains on Kashyyyk.
Han smiled. “Sounds nice. All your family back ther
+5 (newcomer)

06.) A Unique Kind of HumanThere was something different about this human.
Beckett, Val, and Rio had gone to sleep, but the human called Han who had saved Chewie's life remained awake, staring into the fire as if deep in thought. Chewie – he was already used to that nickname even though the human had only given it to him earlier today. Why was that?
It had been years since any human had treated Chewie like an equal. When the Empire rose, the Emperor declared Wookiees to be animals only good for slave labor. Chewie shuddered slightly, trying not to think about how he had been forced to eat prisoners, but the memories came anyway. He'd been treated like a savage beast and he'd acted like a savage beast – but what were his options when they beat him and starved him?
"Hey, you okay?"
Han was looking at him now, the firelight highlighting his youthful features. In Wookiee years, he would still be a child, but even in human years he was barely into adulthood. Why was someone so young a

07.) Out ThereThe Savareen coastline was one of the most beautiful things Han had ever laid eyes on. Well maybe besides Qi’ra, but that ship had literally sailed. Now he wasn’t sure what he would do. The Could Riders had given him a vile of coaxium. It was more than enough for him to buy a ship of his own, but did he want that anymore?
“You’re a good man, Han Solo,” Enfys Nest said stepping up beside him. “It took a lot to do what you did today. I know that better than anyone.”
Han shrugged. “Trust me. This was a one time thing.”
Enfys smiled softly. “I don’t believe that. I think you have a heart for people in need.”
“Nobody deserves what the Empire has done to them.”
“Do you remember what it was like before?”
“Yes and no. When you grow up where I did living in a war zone almost seems like an improvement.”
Enfys took a deep breath. “I’m sorry.”
“It’s all I knew,&
+5 (newcomer)

08.) I've got a good feeling about this by ArtFunart4fun +5 (locale)

09.) 12 Parsecs [SFM 4K] by MatchboxSFM +5 (locale)

10.) A Most Peculiar Dialect3PO had had just about enough of Captain Solo. Why did that human always have to be so rude? Sure, he was a human, which meant he was not as educated in proper etiquette as 3PO was, but still, Captain Solo was rude even by human standards. Why did he seem angry when 3PO told him the asteroid wasn't stable? Surely any human would want to know that.
And now Chewbacca was plugging him into the hyperdrive in a rather rough manner. "Please, Chewbacca!" he wailed. "My inner circuits are quite delicate – you would not wish to upset them, would you?"
Chewbacca simply roared that 3PO had better find out what was wrong as quickly as possible before storming back to the cockpit. "Typical," 3PO muttered. No one ever seemed to respect him.
Well, he had a job to do if they wanted to get out of this Force-forsaken asteroid. "Hello, hello, can you hear me?" he said in the binary language of starships.
"Hello?" replied a voice – in Basic, to 3PO's surprise. "Are you a droid?"
+5 (newcomer)

11.) Kessel Heist by mlpspixieproductions +15 (newcomer)(locale)(item)

12.) Quest for Coaxium by mlpslightningbolts +15 (newcomer)(locale)(item)

13.) Start of a BondThe mush that ten-year-old Han had been given was bland and tasteless, but when the pain in his stomach was shaking his body and overtaking his thoughts, any food felt like it was sent by the gods. He gobbled up spoonful after spoonful, not caring if any got on his face or clothes – they were barely "clothes" anymore after Han had worn them for several weeks straight anyway. He hoped this "Lady Proxima" person would give him new clothes – it would feel good to not have to wear these ripped, dirty ones anymore. New shoes to replace his own that had ripped soles would be nice too. Hopefully the guys who found him would let him have a bath too – by now he could smell his own body odor.
He would be stealing for whoever this Lady Proxima person was now. Probably his parents wouldn't like that, but they were dead now anyway. Besides, would they prefer for him to starve to death on the streets? At least here he would have food and shelter. His chest tightened a
+10 (newcomer)(item)

14.) Qi'ra 2 by Andrzej5056 +10 (newcomer)(locale)

15.) Solo Poster by SteveBurgess +10 (newcomer)(locale)

16.) Enfys Nest by ShujiE +5 (newcomer)

17.) Solo A Star Wars Story by MartyRossArts +5 (newcomer)
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