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Omega Squad RC by ChrispyDee
Battle analysis by Kain-Moerder
Boba Fett: Mandalorian Knight by CEZacherl
Heroes of the 501st (Celebration Anaheim) by ChrispyDee
Junegel girl by JamieyFox
Arali-Nalan Playing PS4 by JamieyFox
Ahsoka Tano  by JamieyFox
Captain Pellaeon by DarkSunProductions
KotOR era, Beginning-1000BBY
Revan Battle-ready by WarpFactor5
Star Wars FanComic: The Origin of the Rule of Two by AndreNitro
[C] Governor Naafta by hannelArt
Family portrait by MoonlitAlien
Clone Wars era, 1000BBY - 19BBY
Commission: Durge's Fury by Amenoosa
Inktober 2019: 2. Mindless by DarkSapiens
Fan-Art: Jedi Master Dooku by David-Barbeschi
Debate Club Profile: Patrice by MU-Cheer-Girl
Rebellion era, 19BBY - 40ABY
Darth Vader Figure (Fan Art) by LaurenDahmer
Nuso Esva by MaraVoev
Imperial Defiance [SFM/4K] by Archangel470
Jango's legacy by NikitaRedav
Legacy era, 40ABY and later
A jedi's Quest by exporttoreality
Mara Jade by exporttoreality
Kyle Katarn by exporttoreality
BB-8 on Jakku drawing. by Bubbleyknight
Out-of-timeline art
PokeWars Series One by Kweh-chan
Go faster by Templado
Chewie by Mellodee
Obi-Wan Kenobi by Alezheia

Mature Content

Juhani's Panties by MrGrimShadow

Mature Content

Keyla | Commission by JankaLo

Mature Content

Phara | Commission by JankaLo

Mature Content

The Bare Squadron | Commission by JankaLo
Costuming and crafts
Rebel Mandalorian Assault by NicoTheFett
Kazuda Xiono Cosplay by NicoTheFett
Jabba the Hutt Amigurumi - Star Wars by cristell15
Princess Leia Amigurumi - Star Wars by cristell15
Original Characters
Scattering of light by Varjopihlaja
Ayanda Khan and Silara Ros by Acaciathorn
Noiexa by Faietiya
Shona with a drink by Nefrit
Original technology and concepts
Star Wars Slayn and Korpil S-8 P-wing starfighter by AdamKop
Funny art and pictures
Stormtrooper by Joe-Roberts
Fan Fiction

Mature Content

REBEL SCUM! by FranciscoJavierRodz

StarWars4Ever group is also holding a nice contest, please check it out guys :3…

Teq-Uila is holding a SW contest, please check it out for cool prizes!…
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K-2SO by LukasMaurer  
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Attack of the Show: Star Wars edition! by Leck-Zilla  
Chiquplane12 Featured By Owner May 1, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I’ve decided starting may 4th that I’ll delete all my Star Wars art, and then upload newer updated versions in ‘chronological order’.
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Stormtroopergirls by BlackFurya   Princess Leia by BlackFurya   Baby Yoda by BlackFurya   Rey by BlackFurya   Princess Leia by BlackFurya  
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group is dead
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Is this group actually still active? I've been sending several Star Wars pieces of mine recently, but the images are still being reviewed or considered.So, how long does this routinely take?...Just curious.
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I kinda don't think it is. :-)
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Thank you very much. What a shame. Oh well.
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Anything could happen but it really has been a while since they've accepted my stuff too. :-)
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