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By StarWarriors
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This is a little illustration I made for the dreamkeepers :icondreamkeepers-fans: halloween contest this year!

Preeeetty grim as well, Lillith just likes Bast so much she wants to consume him. Damn

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Who would draw such a thing
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It was I! I'm the evildoer.
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Oh my, this draw has some gore thing, and hentai at the same time.
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to quote borderlands the pre-sequal: you either die a hero, or you live long enough to become the villain

that is what came to my mind when I saw this..........
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I wonder at which point Bast stopped enjoying it and realized Lilith was rather keen on having "all" of him in a literal fashion! So damn creepy and awesome,you can do some satisfyingly chilling horror especially with your knack with lighting and shading!

The creative liberties you took to convey this rather more fiendish Lilith are really neat as well,I love her askew hair and the way she has Bast's remains around her is rather well done;Damn,Tendril would be flattered if anything to see that she's a fan of his style now evidently!
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Maybe Lillith got inspired from Tendril? in this Au world, who knows how Lilith became this way? It's interesting to explore!
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Kudos to you on such a unique and disturbing concept,superb work as ever!
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Great job winning.
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Well, I got runner up, but it's a smaller victory nontheless.

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And then she wears Bast's skin as a coat! :XD:
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Its worth a lot of money for sure.
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Very intriguing and scrumptious. Bast's heart must taste delicious if she's savoring it like that with her tongue. I love this!

"They'll never see me coming."
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I'm glad you noticed that little detail with the tongue.

They never say Lillith coming at all.
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Prehensile elongated tongues are what truly every good monster needs.

Nope, not at all. -u-
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"Let The Dragon Consume You" -Hanzo (Overwatch)
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Holy shit, Scott, this is intense! Well done man. 
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Thanks geo!

I'm glad you liked it!
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Now there is a sweet idea.  Much darker than having the dark characters do stuff.
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A hero becoming evil has more impact in my opinion :D
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Lilith put a stop to MAST OTP NO.
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