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The digitized duo

One peaceful day in Floreopolis, Florence was hard at work creating new weapons and tools for Robby and Mari. While she was making the items, her trusty maid Misato was busy baking up a storm in the kitchen. After thirty minutes, Florence was finished and she called the cobalt duo down to observe their new weapons and tools. She even had a few new surprises for them. Robby:Hey Flo. What’s up? Florence:New toys for you guys to play with. Check them out. Here are your new tools. For Robby, a new super buster gun, an elemedal which can change your suit’s style and modes and… your starforce mode is better than ever before. And for Mari,an upgrade for her cricket gun. Now you have the illustrious cross bow that fires unlimited arrows,a highly modified all purpose probe that can fix anything, hi-tech spectral glasses and finally… I made both of you special wristbands that functions as communicators and more. *The cobalt duo takes their new gear and equips them* Mari:Wow Florence. You’ve

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Amazing Artwork 2

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#BROCKtober #22

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Sonic Adventure 2- Knuckles Death Chamber

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Kasumi and Cthylla's Halloween Happy Times

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Donna Limber C5P45

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EvaSuit 11


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Elena Amamiya [Star Twinkle Precure Render]

Favorite Precures

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Tangled Halloween

Dragon Ball and Dragon Quest

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Touhou and Type Moon

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Power Rangers #1 Mighty Morphin #1 Cover Art

Power Rangers Super Sentai

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Disgaea - The Item World Champions


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Paladins, Furia

Symmetra and Furia

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PATREON - Parasoul headless


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Sorceress - Dragon's Crown


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Chibi Sailor Mercury

Ami, Setsuna, Mami Tomoe, and Strength

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Gunvolt 6th Anniversary

Mighty No.9, Azure Striker Gunvolt, and Red Ash

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Birthday Gift Art - Kerry Bust

Viluy and Koan

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Playful Polka Dots

Professor Layton

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El desfile de los Pitufos


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Ramona Flowers

Scott Pilgrim

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Arturetta dream self render


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Hero - Maker (male) (wip)


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Random Girls: CLOSED


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That General Direction....

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