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Starfield Brushes

4 Brushes 2500px from StarwaltDesign
Photoshop CS and up
Download brushes here- [link]
Preview here- [link]

My site is free of pop up ads and very user friendly with tons of free stuff including photoshop content and wallpapers of various themes. What is on DA is only a fraction of what is available from Starwalt Design. Hope you enjoy your visit!

Do not upload these brushes to any outside website without permission. Free for personal use.
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Wow! This is such a beautiful design! I went to look for the brushes in the link but couldn't see them. Are they still there? Did I perhaps look over them? ;w;
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My old site has been dissolved, however I do have many brushes for sale on my new site.
The star field brushes have not been added yet. I will be adding them to a new page soon. If your interested in purchasing them ($7 USD per pack) e-mail me- at
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Hi! I did not find the starfield brushes at the provided link. I did find it elsewhere, but no matter which site, some of your brushes (one of the sparkles ones too, more) do not wholly download or are corrupted when I try to unzip. I have a strong high speed connection, so that's not the problem. Thanks for the few I could download though!
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I just went to link of starfield brushes, clicked on download link below the thumbnail, downloaded the brushes then i installed all four brushes into photoshop. All worked fine. Not sure whats going on, but its all ok on my side. Thanks for letting me know though, its always good to check on these things. Hope you can get it resolved.
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This looks great! One question: if we were to use these in a Photoshop project, and then upload that project to an outside site, would that be okay?
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As long as project isn't commercial. If your using it to make money then I ask you to drop by my site and leave donation. For one pack its $6. Thanks!;)
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Ah, all right! I'm not planning to use it for commercial projects. Thanks. :)
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Thank you I like this!!
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Thank you very much!
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Thanks very much!
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where's the download?
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