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Dream Walk

Created this image in Photoshop and Illustrator. There is a mix of vector, 3D, pixel art and traditional watercolor elements. Download the original size (1920x1200) here- [link]

My site is free of pop up ads and very user friendly with tons of free stuff including photoshop content and wallpapers of various themes. What is on DA is only a fraction of what is available from Starwalt Design. Hope you enjoy your visit!
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May I know how can you draw the three ball?
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Illustrator using the revolve tool under effect menu. I created a pattern and used that pattern to map the sphere.;)
sed's avatar
SUPER T A S T E Y !!!! ......... Great piece! :judge:
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LOL Although I should mention Dream Walk is not for human consumption.
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This is fantastic. I love the color scheme, and the title is perfect!
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thnx, color scheme came quite by accident, but I was glad with the result.:)
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Awesome!!!!!!! :D
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nice works lady
StarwaltDesign's avatar
thank you very much;)
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thnx, glad u like!;)
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You're most welcome! :wave:
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Nice to hear from you so bright and early in the morning, since you are usually open all night:giggle:
Glad U like!;)
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Wow! This is really cool too! :D:hug:
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Thnx, I was surprised how this one ended up, I was going for something else and it ended here but was happy with the way it came out.
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I'm always surprised when I render in Bryce! Surprises are usually good! You're very welcome, can't wait to see the next one! :hug:
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I just have to say, again, how much I love your work! I've been to your site several times and all of my desktops and laptops sport wallpapers from you. Excellent and creative work, as always! :-)
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