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Circle Cluster Brushes

4 Brushes 2400px Vector Stamp Style
Photoshop CS - CS5
Download here- [link]
Preview all 4 Brushes here- [link]

My site is free of pop up ads and very user friendly with tons of free stuff including photoshop content and wallpapers of various themes. What is on DA is only a fraction of what is available from Starwalt Design. Hope you enjoy your visit!

Do not upload these brushes to any outside website without permission. Free for personal use.
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Thank you very much for sharing :iconpinkflowerplz:
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Do you have gimp brushes?
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No I am sorry I do not.:)
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No comments on the quality...this set is as usual "top notch" Gina.
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The fonz brings back childhood dad looked a lot like Henry Winkler and at the time all the girls in my class (grade school) had a crush on my dad.LOL
MadeInKobaia's avatar
lol, but the most important is...was he coooool ?
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Yes everybody thought so, he had a motorcycle and the leather coat, a couple of times to my mom's dismay he took me for a ride on his motorcycle. Unfortunately my father was a chain smoker and it finally caught up to him..he died fairly young of a stroke.
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