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'Spooky Space Kook'

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A fluorescent alien figure terrorizes an old abandoned airfield. When the Mystery Machine runs out of gas not far from the airfield, Mystery, Inc. learns about the alien, and decides to explore the airfield and solve the mystery.
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That is absolutely horrifying!!!
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Hey, who turned out the lights?
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If they did a live action series, I want it to be like this.
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It was actually in Monsters Unleashed, but never brought to life.
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Awesome scary take on him have you done Ghost_of_Zen_Tu and the zombies, and the wiich and the zombie from which witch is which
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That's wonderful!
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That thing coming out of the woods would scare the living shit out of me. 
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DOCTOR WHo rip off
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This magnificent creature predates the Vashta Nerada. By decades.

Not like it matters, because the world needs more skeletons in space suits.
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That was always the creepiest one with that laugh.
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now i known he is from other world
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I LOVE your Scooby Doo bad guy paintings. I really like how you make them look even scarier; it makes it easier to imagine how the gang might have been really freaked out by there guys! :)
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My thoughts exactly!
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