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deviantIcons userpage toolbar
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Toolbar icons in antiseptic style!

The first section shows the default toolbar setup, and what you'd see for your own userpage. Included are the individual gif image for each button.

The second section is an optional alternate toolbar for use when viewing another person's userpage. It would be coded so that:
- the settings button is removed
- notes button is changed to a send note button (which can link to the named anchor to the "send notes" section of the userpage)
- deviantwatch is changed to an "add to deviant watch button", which would remove the need for the deviantbutton above the "Random Deviant" link when viewing other userpages.
- comments button changed to "add comments"
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Comments (13)
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Justynka|Hobbyist Photographer
wow, so old :omg: ;)
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E06's avatar
The "send note" inbetween "website" and "send email" would work nicely, but the new toolbar will make DA more childrish.
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jeevan's avatar
Just came to give huge respect, they are still functioning great (and looking great too!) 8) (Cool)
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splat|Professional Interface Designer
Wow, I haven't commented on these yet? That's strange...

Anyway, as I'm sure you know, these are wonderful icons for DA, glad we have you to make things look good around here. =) (Smile)
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ubu's avatar
Gravy! Functional, clear, non-intrusive. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
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-cassius-'s avatar
Great icons mate :) (Smile)
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five's avatar


As you can see, my internet's working better today. ;) (Wink)
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jark's avatar
wicked set of icons. and they match your deviation icons quite well!
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l-courni's avatar
my pick would be the monochrome one from your other set...why did you choose red to highlight the gallery ? it's not that deviant...
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pfoj's avatar
werdna's right... do the top ones too like "Browse / Software / Devpacks / Submit ..." :) (Smile) i'm sure DA wouldn't mind being consistent, hehe
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hurting101's avatar
Wow those look awesome! Good ideas too. I hope to see this one used here ;) (Wink)
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werdna's avatar
NEW FAVE SET OF ICON THINGS. YOU HAVE MY VOTE ALL THE WAY.. but can you do the top ones too?
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witness's avatar
Those are really slick. I like the General icon.
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