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deviantIcons DAv3 Update

A tinkering and refresh update of some of my old Antiseptic-style icons to better fit the new DAv3 look.

Some icons developed subtle changes (alignment, color, darker outlines, cropping), while others are brand new.

ZIP file contains 16x16 GIF files for the main toolbar, userpages, notes and activity pages and 17x17 GIF files for the deviation toolbar.
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Why did we never see this implemented?
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Question whats favourites 2??
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it's just an alternative to favourites 1 =)
RedAndre's avatar
Oh ok =P I thought it would be a new feature ^^
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wow looks great...

obvious what they are and yet they are so small... very nice
mattdanna's avatar
Those look great. Nice job on them. :nod:
Holocast666's avatar
I don't know why i spend four minutes staring at these. I see them everywhere on deviant art, but yet, they have been created so crisply and clearly. congratulations.
blender13's avatar
very nice man

your style is so clean and perfect

i await the updates for those on the site :nod:
frogwrench's avatar

(great work for non weird peple)

blackice's avatar
looking good. still loving the antiseptic style, too.
orange-agent's avatar
attractive and visible
mrbasic's avatar
very clean, greak work
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I would have used a defaultish application icon and the arrow for software... a set square and rule... it works for some software, but not an all encompasing sort of thing really. Not too keen on the Favourites II icon either, but an over all nice package. :)
r-sandbox's avatar
very, very cool... clean, minimal... the starvingartist hallmark.

awesome job, 'nuff said =)

halfliquid's avatar
they look scrumptious! they are always so clean .. and neatly packed and cute. you sorta get the feeling of opening a fresh pack of M+M's ..



well done, stanley.
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good job, your icons are always easy to eyes and clean!~
maco's avatar
heheh, really nice... :D
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nice, got some good ideas there :) but i doubt the big guys will listen to them -_- they seem to have their own ideas... if the devart interface was made by members of the community (especially ones such as yourself) we would have a pretty rockin' layout :) good job!
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Amazingly well done .. I love the "Image Popup"! So simple but so nice :thumbsup: :)
gas13's avatar
webcam is the best one. 3d-looking. but it's outstanding here...
helldragon's avatar
Great stuff Stanley... as always ;)
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